Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day eight & nine kitchen remodel

Sorry for the no post yesterday as I mention in my last post my new microwave came it and it was time to do the dirty and install it. First let’s get to day 8 & 9.
Day eight I weighed in at 288 lb, but I’m sad to say I ate pizza

that night and woke up on day nine still at 288lb…yea I know I was bad…but it happens…back on track this morning getting ready to go to the gym.

Now to the kitchen remodel, it’s been awhile since my last post on it…you may want to refresh yourself of the start of the remodel. I know I had to (just click on the link)
Getting the cabinets down over the bar turned out to be a bigger job than I was thinking, heavy, very heavy…I also had to make a run to ACE

to get a baby pry bar

to get the molding lose without breaking it as I would need to reuse it later. The wife and I were the only ones around that day so I had to use my giant brain and come up with a plan to lower the cabinet. Quick search of the Man Cave and out came one of my really big balls (yes I have very big balls...Ha-ha) worked great,

the wife and I got the cabinet down without breaking anything.
Next came the remount,
I had to cut away one of the cabinets to make it fit in its new location…

worked out great. I was by myself by this time so I had to use a ladder and some books as my helper this time.

Then I re-hung the doors to make sure they fit (they did)
I then worked on the soon to be wine rack, and much needed book shelf. Then came replacing all the trim molding.

Now time for the microwave, I had to first remove the existing exhaust fan

over the stove, and then I had to remove the two cabinets above in order to shorten them

so the microwave would fit above the stove. Yea I got it in; I still have to modify the doors to make them fit the new smaller cabinet opening. Next I called in the electrician (hmmm looks a lot like my dad)

yea that right it’s my pop to the rescue…he also help me lift the microwave into its new home. Job well done…we celebrated with a bag of microwave pop-corn.

Oh yea and the stove is next to go…stainless steel stove coming soon.

Till next time
Big Al

NOTE: I’m going to start adding this note to each of my blog post until the 56 DAY FITNESS COUNTDOWN is over…I’m doing this incase some new readers come on and wonder what the heck is going on…if your lost look to the top left hand corner of the blog page and click on “THE START” under the 56 DAY FITNESS COUNTDOWN (LINKS)…it will explain what’s going or just use it to look at a post you might have missed…oh yea my weight loss will be posted daily just above that…hope this helps.


MeanDonnaJean said...

This post reminded me of just how much I really miss havin' a man around the who can do all those wonderful man-kinda things that they do, just like YOU did.

I can't even change a friggin' light bulb my damn self any more. I'm way too short, the ceilings are way too high 'n vertigo 'n ladders don't go together very well. Do ya know how much it hurts when ya gotta ask someone to come over 'n change a friggin' light bulb for ya? It's really kinda shmucky.

Oh yes, I can still use a drill 'n a hammer 'n a wrench 'n pliers 'n such. I can do some minor plumbin' 'n automotive 'n stuff, just as long as it's all at eye level or lower. Anything above that, I'm completely useless.

I reckon I really outta start searchin' for my very own who lives a helluva lot closer than 4 hours away.

Ya wouldn't happen to know of anyone, would ya? ;-)

*fitcetera* said...

Ahem ... giant brain and big balls. Lucky Signe! :D

I agree with DonnaJean ... I miss having a man around to take care of me too. :(

The kitchen's looking great! I'd love to have stainless appliances too. Just need to find that man first. :)

Good Job, Big Al!
and you had to mention pizza ...

orange county kitchen remodel said...

Your kitchen is wonderful! I love seeing the old pictures from before. I remember when those things were the latest style. I love the white cabinets and the wonderful light from the window. Would love to have your stove. Sounds like it would be a joy to cook on.

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