Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yesterday…Day 1

What a day…it started off with two temptations right off the bat…TEMPTATION ONE, a co-worker David call me in a little distress his Buick Rivera, had broken down and left him stranded on the side of the road.

The look of SHAME!!!

Me being the super guy that I am quickly jumped into my He-Man outfit

and was on my way. (YEA I’M A SUPERHERO ON MY OFF TIME, I bet you did not know that) Anyway I asked David “where are you?” his answer “right next to Krispy Cream Donuts”

I’m surprised he did not tell me the little red light was on, this tells everyone the donuts are hot and fresh…OUCH!! Then as I was getting ready for the rescue “TEMPTATION TWO” another co-worker ANN asked me if I would mind, picking up a sausage and biscuit from Hardee’s while I was out. Still wearing my He-Man outfit, I just had to say sure…(Got to get rid of that outfit.Ha-ha) once the rescue was complete, David and I stopped at Hardee’s and got the sausage biscuit, oh and then David decided he had to have a LARGE COKE…killer, killer…
The rest of the day went pretty much uneventful, good food…I cooked up some grilled chicken with squash, bell pepper, zucchini, broccoli;

As night came I took the remainder of the mix and mixed in three eggs for dinner…Mmmmm I love eggs…as you will soon see. Bodybuilder’s best kept secret
Woke up this morning to a body weight of 291lb…good start…back to the GYM TODAY….let the workouts began.
Big Al


*fitcetera* said...

mmmmm....egggggs :D
dinner looks delish.
You were a Superhero to yourself!

Thankfully, the Krispy Kreme closed down here a long time ago. That was Crack, baby!

You DID NOT lose 104 pounds overnight. I don't believe you ;)
I can't compete with THAT!
(you've listed your weight as 191 in your post)

Sheila Mitchell said...

Your so frikkin cute & funny! The Krispy Kreme IS a bad temptation!

MeanDonnaJean said...

That grilled chicken meal looks mouthwateringly superb. Hey, you can come over 'n whip up somethin' in MY kitchen any damn time ya please (just as long as ya bring the food with ya....I'm not big on shoppin').

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