Thursday, November 26, 2009

A run of bad luck

Hmmm where to start, I guess it started with the motorcycle accident

you may remember from my last post…well good news, my leg seems to be doing better I’m off my crutch’s now with just a small limp. I think in another few days I’ll be back to normal.

Then I was off Monday on vacation but started getting bad headache, a few aspirins later and it was gone. Went to work Tuesday headache came back along with some congestion. That night I felt very sick and in bed by 7:00 pm up and down all night with a runny nose.

Got up Wednesday morning feeling very bad…here is where one of those dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t moments. Being the holiday week I knew there would be only one other person working, my buddy and co-worker Ann. Well Ann is kind of a germ fob, hates it’s when people come in to work with fever…well you guessed it I had fever. Well it turned out ok we kept our distance and got the job done.
Then the next big decision to take the 3 hour long car ride with the wife and kids
to the Gosserand’s (wife sisters)
house for thanksgiving, well it was voted for me to stay behind and drive up Thursday if I felt better. Woke up this morning still with fever…looks like thanksgiving is a no-go this year. Tomorrow is a new day, hope everything is back to normal.
More later
Big AL


MeanDonnaJean said...

I WAS gonna say whadda brave ol' soul ya were for even attemptin' to make that 3 hr. car trip to the in-laws for t-day with a bum leg 'n snotty nose 'n what-have-ya's. But I see ya finally opted to do the right thing and that was, to opt out. Jeez, when it rains for ya it really pours, huh? Bad luck ain't the word for it, babe. I think somebody musta done some good ol' fashioned Jamaican/Haitian voodoo on ya. Hmmmmm, now that I mention it, I'm gonna have to ask Clara exactly what she DID with all them damn chicken bones that she quickly plucked clean 'n mysteriously set aside after our dinner yesterday! ;-)

Motor-head Lady said...

Whoa! I hope you are doing sorry to see you hurting :(


Anonymous said...



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