Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives…Oh MY!!! ...Singleton’s Seafood Shack…Jacksonville FL

Well as you read in my last post, we were in Daytona for bike week and decided to try out another Dive, so off to Jacksonville we went. We took hwy 1A instead of the interstate due to hwy 1A runs right along side the beach (must ride for bikers…beautiful). Now I know we were in beautiful, Sunny Florida BUT it was cold this morning and the ride was somewhere around 80 miles, so needless to say we had quite the chill by the time we pulled into... 
Singleton's Seafood Shack

We were a little early somewhere around 11:00am so there were only a few cars in the parking lot, we had the only motorcycles.

The Shack was just like I had imagined, right on the water,

with the smell of salt in the air, my kind of place. As you walked up on the small front deck it had an old wooden cable reel turned on it side for a table with old boats in the background.

Once in the door we were greeted as we walked by a table covered in ice with the fresh catch of the day laid out for all to see…fresh seafood, you can’t get much fresher than that.

We were seated  by a large windows right on the water, the outside deck was being remodeled but I have to admit I was happy to be inside where it was warm, we had a bad case of the chills. Soon we were greeted by our waitress, what a sweetheart…we order our food with a side order of coffee;

she even went to the trouble to make my buddy Dave a pot of decaff. Service, service…we were expecting a couple of small cups, but to our surprise out came to extra large cups,

a welcome site to cold bikers.

Now that the coffee had done its job and warmed us up I had a chance to look around a little while waiting on lunch. The place was decorated in a nautical theme, fitting since the shack is sitting only feet from the water.

Then out came the food, it was lunch so we had both decided on po-boys…the waitress suggested that we split an order of fries the po-boys came dressed with shoe-string onion rings that were so deep on top of the po-boy that honestly you could not even see the sandwich.

Once I ate my way through the rings there it was in all it glory, lightly batter fresh, fresh shrimp on top of most excellent bread. Once I was able to squeeze the sandwich together, I had my first bite…heaven, true heaven. Man, that po-boy was good bite after bite, it’s the kind of food that truly makes you shed a tear once it gone…sniff, sniff.

Well the meal was over, we left a generous tip (well dissevered tip I might add) and headed to the counter to pay our bill, they sold many different kinds of hot sauce; I snapped a photo of my favorite.


Normally this would be the end of my story but once in the parking lot we noticed our two motorcycles had multiplied into four and a new story begins.

We as I was saying it was a little cold that day so we were unpacking our bags to get our warm gear on and this guy came out of the shack and walked over to us. He started tell us a story of how he and his buddy had just ridden from Daytona to eat at the shack, here comes the cool part, he reaches into his saddle bag and pulls out the book “Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives”

and starts telling me how he plans on going around to all the TV shows Dives and writing about them. I could tell he almost fell out when I told him I had been doing the same thing. Ha-ha. Small world.

Well we said our farewell to our new friends and off we went on our 500 mile ride back home, we did catch a ferry

(no not that kind of ferry. Ha-ha) an automotive ferry

about a block from the shack, a perfect ended to a perfect meal. Three cheers for Singleton’s Seafood Shack!!!

I got to say this place gave my # 1 Diner pick "Darwell’s of LongBeach Ms"
A run for the money, I give The Shack five stars all the way around, so if you are looking for a place to eat on the water, with great seafood, service, and just a great laid back atmosphere, then Singleton’s Seafood Shack is the place for you!!! Tell them Big Al sent you…they want have a clue who I am…but tell them anyway. Ha-ha.

Till next time

Big Al

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Daytona Run (part 4)

Woke up early Sunday morning, ready to start our adventure, first stop Destination Daytona We road in somewhere around 9:00am found a parking spot right up front…just in time, this place soon filled up. Vendors, vendors everywhere, everything was here, tattoos, tire stores, audio, biker patches, leather, food, food and food. Everything was set up under large tents, in between the major building like J&P Cycle, Bruce Rossmeyer Harley Davison, WyoTech. The best way to describe this place is a huge outdoor mall for everything motorcycle.

Around 3:00pm we headed to Daytona International Speedway….I was shocked when we got there it was huge!!! Truth be known we had the place almost to ourselves…we road all over the place. Then we went and looked at the vendor’s that were set up under tents.

This is where I found this t-shirt…the design looked a lot like my buddy Matt's R2W Cycling design…looks like a little plagiarism going on to me…Hmmm, I’m sure my buddy Matt will say the T-Shirt company copied him not the other way around. Ha-ha.

We left at dark, stopped and got a bite to eat, then went back to the room for some much needed sleep, long day.

Next morning we headed back to Jacksonville…

to another Diner, Drive-in’s and Dives…

Stay tuned.
Big Al

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Daytona Run (part 3)

Hmmm where was I…oh yea my bike started to sput and sputter then it died, I reached down and turn my gas tank to the reserved tank and it fired back up, yea I was out of gas at 112 miles.
Something was wrong, I normally go around 140 miles till empty not counting the reserve. Anyway stopped at the next exit and got gas, luckily I had been keeping up with my mileage on an App on my Iphone; I was only getting a little over 30 mpg? What the heck? Oh well, so off we went. (more on this later)

We made it to the next two or three gas stops ok but each time I was running out of gas around 112 miles. The stalker

that had joined our group also started to complain about the speed and

the 100 plus miles we were going between stops.
I have to admit David and I found this funny, I don’t remember asking him to come alone in the first place, and it’s a free county, he could have pull off anytime he wanted to. Truth is we normally keep our speeds down; we were just trying to out run the rain.

Then we found out over lunch

that the stalker did not have a room to stay at in Daytona…hmmm where would he sleep once we get there? With a tag like this,

 he sure was not going to sleep with me. Ha-ha. These are thoughts that started going through my head. Anyway we made it to Daytona just before dark,

we said goodbye to the stalker (I call him the stalker mainly because I can’t remember his name. ha-ha)

so if you see this tag someday, tell the stalker the boys from Hattiesburg said hello. Oh yea, the stalker also road a Yamaha

So we checked into the room

got a bite to eat and then went to sleep, so we would be ready for our big day in Daytona tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay on this post, the next one will be faster.

Till next time

Big Al

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