Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Hampshire to Maine to Rhode Island

June 14, 2011 Tuesday

Woke up early but somehow got a late start, went down stairs from our room and had a breakfast fit for a king, some of the best coffee of the trip and the service was great. After we packed, snapped a few outside photos of the place and we were on our way.

The drive was beautiful great scenery along the way somewhere around 150 miles to Maine.

Got to what the locals call Old Port Maine around 1:00pm still full from breakfast so we decided to walk around the port and check out some souvenir shops. Parking is first come first serve, on our third pass down the road we found one. It had a parking meter,

two hour max; we walled through many stores then ended up at the Porthole Restaurant,

yep you know me well by now it was another Diner, Drive-in an Dive on my list. (I be posting a post soon about the place) anyway we went for lobster but were disappointed it did not serve whole lobster, so we just got an appetizer and when on our way (more to come, trust me) then back to the streets we went. We shopped till around 3:30pm until we found ourselves at Becky’s Diner. (YEP, another dinner on my list)

So you know the drill by now here is a  photo, you will have to wait on the post coming soon.

Then we were off, to Rhode Island, but first we had to get through New Hampshire and Massachustts…

More to come
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