Sunday, November 8, 2009


Yesterday not a lot to report…I had a lot of work to do around the house…even though my motorcycle was calling me all day long.

Eating went great…In the zone this time, eating every 2 to three hours…loving it. I got to admit no gym today like I promised. I ended up spending the day finishing up my kitchen cabinets. (Kitchen story coming soon) My high light of the food day was dinner…I got to admit it looks gross…

but man it was good…low calorie Under 200, high protein, plus a serving of veggies, not to mention the bowl was huge…truth is could not finish it all…don’t worry it did not go to waste the little wife ate it all up…good meal. Oh yea…here is the indigents…two eggs, half bell pepper, half zucchini, few sprigs of broccoli, all stirred fried together (with Pam only) and eaten hot.
Body weight this morning 288LB

NOTE: I’m going to start adding this note to each of my blog post until the 56 DAY FITNESS COUNTDOWN is over…I’m doing this incase some new readers come on and wonder what the heck is going on…if your lost look to the top left hand corner of the blog page and click on “THE START” under the 56 DAY FITNESS COUNTDOWN (LINKS)…it will explain what’s going or just use it to look at a post you might have missed…oh yea my weight loss will be posted daily just above that…hope this helps.
Big Al


*fitcetera* said...

You boys make me so jealous with how fast the pounds drop off you :) 7 pounds in 2 days! WoW.
Your dinner DOES look gross but it's just up my alley with what I like to eat. Yum!
I'm glad you're back on track, Big Al! :D

SimplyRawesome said...

Instead of using "Pam" you should try using Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil. Must better choice and much healthier. ;^)

Oh, and I feel your pain about your bike calling your name. Mine has been calling my name for quite some time. =( Hopefully, I'll be able to ride again in the spring.

Keep up the good work.

SimplyRawesome said...

Oops, I meant *much* better choice... =\

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