Sunday, November 9, 2014


Yep its been awhile, again??? Trying my best to get back to blogger. I just think I needed the time away from the blog. Had a couple of quick stories I wanted to share… 

First story, went by Hattiesburg Cycle to get an oil change on my V-Star 1100

As luck would have it the deanship was having Indian motorcycle test rides. 

So after dropping off my bike I quickly put my name on the list to ride the 2014 Indian Chieftain

I got to admit I had never really consider buying and Indian mainly due to the price compared to the Harley and Victory, both about $ 4000 dollars cheaper than the Indian. Well wow how quick my mind can be changed, 

the Indian road like a dream with power to spare. Loved almost everything about it. Damn nice ride.

Ok story two…
My poor little V-Star needed a much needed oil change and new front tire. Well being being the good father I am I was going to change the oil myself (Ok I'm cheap). This is where the 250 dollar bolt comes in, well all I can say is I tried for four long days everything I could think of to get that possessed oil drain bolt out… 

I mean everything, from screaming at it, using a jack to move the wrench, beating it with a hammer and taking very nicely to it. The bolt just would not move, so I took it to the dealership… Long story short, the dealership had the same problem (I have to admit this gave me some small satisfaction)

 Well satisfaction, until i got the bill for the oil change… 

Yep you guessed it 250 DOLLAR OIL CHANGE and yes they got the bolt out with some drilling and a blow torch. Hmmm that Indian is looking better and better.

Till next time
Big Al

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