Saturday, November 21, 2009

Motorcycle accident anyone???

Friday…Wow…not your average Friday. Got up early Friday morning somewhere around 4:00am and drank a couple of cups of coffee

(little did I know this would be the only normal part of the day) as I was getting ready for work I started feeling a little sick to my stomach. Went on to work, but after sitting for awhile I started too feel more ill. I decided to send my boss Randy an email stating I needed to go home for a few hours until I started feeling better…once home, I did start to feel better and around 10:00 am got on my bike and headed back to work.
Then things got crazy
real fast…about one block from my driveway there is a four way intersection with two yield signs…I had the right of way, just as I started to make the turn I looked up and a lady in a cage (car) was in my lane heading right at me. OH NO!!!! I have to admit I never saw her…well here is where things went bad, I hit my brakes (harder than normal) remember I was in a turn already with a car closing in on me at a fast pace. Then it happen…my back tire broke lose and I went into a severe fish tail, as the bike was going down (just out of reflex) I threw my mighty left leg out, to stop the fall…well my friends let me put it to you this way…I might have a mighty left leg, but let me assure you that at 20 miles and hour on a 800 pound bike…well you get the point. Ha-ha.
I did manage to save the bike from a fall…hmmm but at what cost? Well once I got the bike back under control I could see the lady looking at me in amazement, I’m sure it was a site to see, I waved her on her way. Right after that while still in motion I went to put my left foot back on the foot board to shift gears. Hmmm not working (the leg) I was finely able to get my foot up but found I could not shift gears. Something was wrong…I had to limp the bike down the road until I could find a place to turn around, and ride back home in first gear. As I went to step off the bike I learned real quickly the leg would not hold my weight. This meant I had to step off the bike to the right side…try it sometime, not easy.
Well as luck will have it my dad was walking out to his car to go play golf and I told him the story as I limped inside…well dad did what any man would do….FOUR!!!! He left to go play golf.
(It a guy thing you ladies would not understand. Ha-ha.) But before he left he did call in the Calvary…

MOM!! Seconds later mom was in my house babying her son like any good mother should. Ha-ha.

It was soon decided that a hospital visit was needed…sounds good but how to get to the car…I came up with the great idea of using a mop for a crutch…

to my surprise it worked. Once at the hospital
the waiting game begins. After 30 minutes I hear them call my name…this is just to psych you out, they just bring you in a room get your information and ban you like an animal,

then they send you back to the waiting room. 3 hours later I get the call to see the doctor. Then a quick trip to x-ray proved I do have a mighty left leg, no broke bones. The doctors thinking is I may have pulled some ligaments some loritabs were prescribed along with crutches and a monster knee brace.
I also found out that hospital beds were not meant for guys like me, my feet were hanging off at least six inches…ha-ha.

Ok here is the moral to the story…first I have no ill feelings for my neighbor (unlike my wife who want to get a lynch mob together and track her down. Ha-ha)
who ran the yield sign and almost killed me. Why you ask, first it was an accident and second it’s my belief as motorcyclist we need to take extra steps to prevent things like from happing. Truth is I have driven this road so many times I became very lacks in scanning the road ahead of me. I should have seen the car and planned my escape long before this happen. Lesson well learned. I also learned that my very first thought after I realized my leg was hurt…honest truth…DAM…How long will it be until I can ride again?… I realized that day... I am a true biker.
Until next time
Big Al


IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Glad you are ok otherwise! I think the first thought I would have is the bike...the the bike ok and then I'd be like...Damn, when will I get to ride again! Get well quick!

chessie said...

It's a tough lesson to learn isn't it? You remember the old adage....Most accidents happen with in three miles of home. You know the reason why first hand now. EVERYONE tends to go into auto drive in territory they have driven everyday for years without incident. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we pay the piper...other times we are reminded well enough that we have left marks on our underwear and the seats of our bikes....but we do get the reminder notice and not in a "nice" way!

God bless ya...I'm really glad you're not badly hurt...LOL you'll be riding soon as you can figure out how to adjust your brace to fit your bike.

Allen Madding said...

Glad you survived the ordeal as well as you did. Heal up quickly the weather is still grand.


Lady Ridesalot said...

Looking at the pic of you in your short bed... that left knee looks pretty swollen! I'm glad you came through as good as you did!

Thanks for the reminder... we knee'd to stay alert! LOL!

*fitcetera* said...

wow, glad to hear you managed to get out of that with your life intact albeit bruised up.
Your a true mensch for not holding it against your neighbour.
Hope you can get back on your bike soon!

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Wow, Here I thought this was going to be a lot worse! I'm glad it wasn't. Hope you heal fast.

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Crap ya, that could have been a LOT worse. Damned glad you are relatively unscathed. Those fishtails can be so unpredictable!


Anonymous said...



Charla Mcguyer said...

It's nice to hear that you don't have ill feelings toward the person who caused the accident. Just remember to be safe on the road all the time, even if you are near your house. I guess your leg is doing fine now. I hope we could see you riding your favorite motorcycle again.

Guy said...

Whoa, that is as close as you can get. Good thing you are safe now, and you learned something good out of it. I have to give your dad a cool laugh. Haha! He's very sweet, but your mom is so much sweeter.

[Guy Chambliss]

Nannie Leick said...

It’s really ironic and quite funny that some people who got into an accident think first about the condition of their car/bike before thinking about themselves. While reading your story, I couldn’t help but laugh, because despite of what had happened to you, you were still able to joke about it. Well that’s the spirit of a REAL biker! Anyway, I’m glad you’re fine and wasn’t badly injured. ->Nannie Leick

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