Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Quest for Maine Lobster

Long way from home this time, in the great state of Maine, yep time for another Dinner, Drive-in and Dive.

Well what can I say; when in Maine you eat lobster and it just so happen that was our quest. My wife Signe

had her heart set on a great big Maine lobster, and was not taking NO for an answer. That how we ended up at The Porthole Restaurant located in Portland Harbor on the picturesque Casco Bay.

Extreme dive comes to mind but again in a good way, as you walk down alley/ road/ delivery entrance

to the front door that is on the side of the building.

Once in, things start to change as you are hit with unbelievable smells coming from the kitchen;

I was hungry already before I got to the table. Once at the table we were greeted by our waiter, super talkative young fellow, told us his whole life story while we were eating.

Inside is what you would imagine kind of a nautical theme with lots of old signs with prices from the long ago past,

I might mention. Ha-ha.

Anyway the tables were cool

and the service was great…TIME TO ORDER…Houston we have a problem!!! No lobster, well I should say no whole lobster, come to find out the Porthole does not sell a whole lobster, trust me you could get it a million other ways there but not a whole one. Guys I bet you know what that means if you have been married as long as I have and your wife wants a whole lobster…that's right you settle for an appetizer and move on to the next place.

We ended up getting some crab patties before moving on for our quest for lobster.

I got to admit most likely the best patties I have ever put in my mouth…my wife thought the same…but our quest for the whole lobster must go on and it did.

I would give the Porthole Restaurant a double thumbs up, great food, great atmosphere and fresh, fresh seafood. Wish I would have been in town another day to try some more things on the menu…maybe next time.

Biker friendly, I would say yes but maybe for a different reason than you might think…THE PARKING!!! To be honest parking anywhere at the harbor sucks, big time and it appears to me parking a bike near the door would save you a whole lot of walking.

Till next time

Big Al

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pinky’s Passion Motorcycle Magazine is here!

As Navin R. Johnson would say…

The new Pinky’s Passion Motorcycle Magazine is here! The new Pinky’s Passion Motorcycle Magazine is here! Page 19 - Big Al !

I'm somebody now! Millions of people look at this book everyday! This is the kind of spontaneous publicity - your name in print - that makes people. I'm in print! Things are going to start happening to me now.

Click the link below, if you want to see me reaction when I got the  new magazine out of the mailbox yesterday...Steve Martin does it better. ha-ha

Steve Martin...In The Jerk
Three cheers for Mary Gang Baker (Pinky) for issue 2 of Pinky’s Passion Motorcycle Magazine, not sure how she did it but I think she outdid the first issue and that issue was great!!

Tech reviews…wow!

Ride reviews…great!!

Local reviews…outstanding!!!

Sunny daze on going story…marvelous!!!!

Restaurant Review… wonderful, amazing, stunning, spectacular, excellent, awe-inspiring, splendid, fabulous, cool, groovy, superb, breathtaking, fantastic, remarkable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It just so happen the food review was on one of my favorite places to eat
in Long beach, MS. Not to mention the review must have been written by a poet as the story flowed like a hot knife through butter…who was this great story teller anyway? IT WAS ME, THAT'S WHO!!! All the D’s I use to get in English class back in high school finely paid off. Ha-ha.

Ok all joking aside, my writing skill is more like a third grader on crack…all over the place. Ha-ha. Anyway it was an honor to have my story picked up by such a great magazine. Who knows maybe I’ll make issue 3…ok I know, now I’m just dreaming.

Time to do some surfing, on the web that is…you can pick up the latest copy of Pinky’s Passion Motorcycle Magazine at
 and don’t forget to tell her Big Al sent you.

One more thing, join Pinky at her magazine launch party, see below.

Camp Joy Marina, Saturday April 14th noon till close (new magazine launch)

Everyone get off you couch and get there, remember the date April 14th, sounds like a great time for all…I plan on bringing my crew (ok it's just going to be my wife Signe and me, but crew sounds more Bad Ass. Ha-ha.)

Till next time
Big Al

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