Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The ride is a... no go…sorry

Hey everyone…In case you have not guessed by now, I did not take the motorcycle trip (sorry about that, I know some of you were wanting to read about the ride). I talked about in my last post. Several reasons why I did not go…just was not feeling the trip…thinking of selling my bike (time to move up) and did not want to put and extra 3000 miles on it…wanted to punish myself for being a couch potato lately…my sugar level is getting a little out of control (remember I’m a diabetic)…time to get back to the gym again…and last but not least, time to remodel the compound.

The way over-due remodel started today…its going to be a big remodel of the kitchen, den, and guest bathroom.

I still took the week off from work (I needed a break from that place). So, I started pulling the wall paper down on the kitchen walls this morning at 8:30am…I gave up around 4:30pm…I still have about 2 hours worth to do in the morning. Being the cheap guy I am, instead of renting a wallpaper steamer for 43 dollars a day, I decided to give my mom's clothing steamer a try.

To my surprise…IT WORKED!!!

Yea, I plan on posting about the remodel along the way…here are a few photos of today's progress…
Random kitchen shots (before)

Wall paper coming down (ok, ok it looked good ten years ago when we put it up. Ha-ha.)

These cabinets above the bar are coming out

(see above) New bar coming soon (enlarging the old one...counter top too)
New gas stove and above-stove microwave coming soon (stainless steal)

Once the wife came home after work she gave stripping a try (no not that kind of stripping…guys). I guess I need to set up a tripod to take photos of myself to prove that I was working too. Ha-ha.

Lots more to come…wood floors, tile, lots of painting, counter tops, new front door, lights, new carpet (bedrooms only)…and much, much more…yea…yea…I’ll be doing most of the work…remember cheap…ha-ha.

More to come
Big Al


mq01 said...

i love doing home reno. it looks and sounds like it will be awesome when you're done. i know its hard work, but enjoy!!

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Hey, priorities are priorities. Do what ya gotta do. IMHO, a little housework like that can be fun and rewarding. Heck, when you are done and do go on that ride, you will have a nicely remodeled compound to relax in.

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Oh, it looks like you have a bit of spam there in your comments. Get that clothing steamer out again!

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