Friday, November 6, 2009


I’m back!!! Yea, yea, I know you missed me.

Ha-ha. First let me say I’m sorry for letting everyone down on the thirty day body experiment…I got to admit I went about it all wrong…last time I strayed far away from the thing I love…Weightlifting.

Big mistake…it’s been around a year since I’ve really been in a gym, even my own gym at the compound…time to start moving some iron around again.

I’m trying to come up with some ideas to make my fitness adventure more interesting to my readers. Last time (around a year ago) I wrote about bodybuilding on my blog I got a LOT of email questions about working out (I do have a lot of knowledge in this area…just have not used it much lately) my thinking

was maybe doing a lot more photos of the workouts, food prep, along with day to day fitness stuff. I’m looking into getting another video camera to do some video feeds. Looking for a cheap camera that uses a data stick for easy of loading to my computer; I need a cheap one as I want to carry it on my fishing, hiking and motorcycle trips, where damage is sure to happen…


Why the 56 day fitness countdown? Its time to get in shape. Why 56 days? Well two reasons, ONE, I sucked so badly at the 30 day body experiment couple of months ago,

that I wanted to punish myself, with a longer amount of days. TWO, there are 56 days left until the new year, and nothing makes me happier than being in decent shape at the start of a new year.

As with last time I will be posting my body weight daily on the upper left hand side of my blogs home page. I think this time I will leave my blood sugar readings off, don’t really see how blood sugar is much of an interest to the readers (if you would like to me to track it let me know, I’ll add it)

Anyway I started today…and will have a post ready for tomorrow…today has already started me off with many test of my will power…victory will be mine!!! STARTING WEIGHT 295LB.
Big Al


MeanDonnaJean said...

Welcome back Mister...and yea yea, I really DID miss ya.

Ya know, *I* do my OWN kinda weightliftin' every damn day...

::::who u kiddin' Donna? The only weightliftin' YOU ever do is when yer liftin' yer fat ass around with ya everywhere ya freakin' go::::

...altho I can't say I love it like YOU do.

But hey, it's sure 'nuff a bona fide workout for ME! :-)

Now, I'm not gonna wish ya any luck with yer new venture only cuz yer not gonna need it. Mark my words.

*fitcetera* said...

YAY! Glad you're back!
Now stay here, dammit. :)

DonnaJean cracks me up.

Kellye said...

Good job Al!!!! Welcome back!!! If it helps, I'll join you in your quest as I have gotten WAY off of the exercise routine and need to get back on it. So count me in as an accountability partner! I'm not into all the weight lifting, but will be getting back into running, including *gulp* early morning runs....*SIGH* Maybe a whole marathon will come out of this one! Best of luck to you and keep it up! I'll be reading!!!

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