Friday, November 13, 2009

Day seven

Woke up this morning 289lb…AGAIN!!! That’s three days in a row…even after my post yesterday; I got to admit it still bugs me. Ha-ha.

Here’s what I think happen, around 4 or 5 days ago I worked-out my back and shoulders
(large body part, that hold a lot of water) Wednesday I worked legs for the first time in years (sore today, very sore) I think the legs is what is causing me not to lose today. I’m going to the gym tonight and work chest, I hope by Saturday most of the soreness will be over….we’ll see.
To change the subject, as you may remember from a few post back I’m in the middle of a kitchen remodel. Well I’ve been waiting on my new microwave…its here…

Yea, I think? It’s the over the stove type so I think I am going to have to cut my cabinet to make it fit…may be a tough job. Post coming soon.
More later
Big Al

NOTE: I’m going to start adding this note to each of my blog post until the 56 DAY FITNESS COUNTDOWN is over…I’m doing this incase some new readers come on and wonder what the heck is going on…if your lost look to the top left hand corner of the blog page and click on “THE START” under the 56 DAY FITNESS COUNTDOWN (LINKS)…it will explain what’s going or just use it to look at a post you might have missed…oh yea my weight loss will be posted daily just above that…hope this helps.

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