Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day eleven plus motorcycle maintenance

Woke up this morning to a body weight of 290lb, truth is I did not have time to workout yesterday. My baby girl was in a beauty pageant last night and I did not get home till late

(more photos to come soon) diet went great, I’m back on track.

As I mention in my last post I’ve been helping a co-worker David gets his motorcycle license. While we were taking breaks between his practices rides we were looking over my bike and saw a few issues. One of the two bolts that hold my saddle bag on had backed all the way out

plus my rear tire is starting to look bald in the center.

I can’t believe I had not noticed the tire before, but in my defense on a v-star classic bike the rear fender does hang low making the rear tire hard to see unless you’re looking. I got to admit I’ve been slack on giving my bike a good walk around before my rides…I need to make this a weekly routine, daily would not hurt. For you long time riders out there approximately how many miles can you put on a rear tire before its time to replace it??? I got around 7000 miles on mine. Does that sound about right? Let me know.
Big Al

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