Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day ten Flirting with Disaster

What a title…Ha-ha. I came up with it for two reasons; Reason One, I’ve been pretty bad on my diet the last two days. You know how it is once you go off its really hard to get back on…woke up to a body weight of 291LB. Monday will be a better day, as I am still highly motivated. I’m also considering adding another test to my experiment; I think I need another goal. I was thinking of maybe trying to get my arms back up to size, I have not measured them in quite awhile. At my best I was over 20 inches but never made it to a 21 inch arm. I think a 21 inch arm goal is still possible even at my age…I’d like to give it one more shot…Hmmm I think I’ll measured up in the morning to see where I stand.
Reason two; today I started training a co-worker Big David on how to ride a motorcycle.
Last week we started by printing out the driver license study guide, so this week sometime David can go get his learners permit. We met at the mall today around 2:00pm to let him get in a little practice. David started a little slow,
Yep, only one car in the whole parking lot and David is heading right at it....NOOO!!!!

but it was not long before he was zooming all around the parking lot in first gear.

After awhile we worked on shifting into second and then downshifting again. I got to admit he did great. We also did a lot of starting and stopping along with how to keep the turns tight when turning out into traffic.

Once he gets his permit we will be able to hit the open streets for more training. Incase you are wondering why I think this is flirting with disaster…Well he is learning ON MY BIKE…scary. Oh yea in case your also wondering why David is NOT wearing a helmet…well one was offered to him and he denied it…that’s his first mistake…and it could be a painful one…Ouch!!!
Ride on David!!
Until next time
Big Al
NOTE: I’m going to start adding this note to each of my blog post until the 56 DAY FITNESS COUNTDOWN is over…I’m doing this incase some new readers come on and wonder what the heck is going on…if your lost look to the top left hand corner of the blog page and click on “THE START” under the 56 DAY FITNESS COUNTDOWN (LINKS)…it will explain what’s going or just use it to look at a post you might have missed…oh yea my weight loss will be posted daily just above that…hope this helps.


IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

You are brave my friend...very very brave for letting David use your bike. It does show that you are a true friend with a lot of trust!!! Good Luck to David.

MeanDonnaJean said...

As far as that bike learnin'/loanin' thing goes...yer either brave, or yer totally freakin' nuts!

Hope ya got some good darn motorcycle I hope HE has some good darn health/life insurance.

*fitcetera* said...

Riding a bike looks like so much fun BUT I tried a looooong time ago to hold one up and it fell on top of me. I never sat on one again.
Wanna teach me??? :D

You're a good friend for doing this for David.
Good luck on the guns.

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