Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our quest for a Maine lobster is over

Our quest for a Maine lobster is over…Thanks to Becky’s Diner,

that’s right time for another Diner, Drive-in and Dive.

My wife and I happen to walk upon BECKY'S during our walk about at the Hobson Wharf in Portland Maine. We hit the Diner at an odd time, it was around 3:00pm. It’s a beautiful older building; I would call it barn like shape with Maine harbor flair.

You enter the front door into a small room filled bulliton boards cover in business cards and flyers,

not being from a cold climate I think this a buffer for the diner once the weather turns bitter cold. Once in, it is a classic diner, Chrome bar stools and a few booths along the other side not to mention the tin cellings;

old school stuff, not new stuff made to look old. It’s a seat yourself kind of place so we picked a booth and were greeted immediately by our lovely waitress. After a quick looked at the menu

my wife spotted it the main whole lobster…then it happened, we went to place the order; I order the fried clams and my wife YELLED out “I’ll have the whole lobster”. Huston we have another problem…well we might have if we were at any other place but Beck’s, let me explain, Becky’s does not start serving whole lobster until 4:00pm. I not sure if it was the look of disappointment in my wife’s face or just the outstanding service you get at Becky’s, trust me it was the service. Our waitress went out of her way to get a freshly cooked lobster delivered right to our table…success!!!!
They even brought out instruction on how to eat the monster, my wife studied them a few seconds and then dug in

all I can say is it was the best tasting lobster we had ever but in our mouth, I say OUR as I got a quick small bite when she was not looking, I wanted a second bite but was afraid of losing a hand….my clams were outstanding too,

it was one of the best meals of our entire 10 day trip.
After a GREAT MEAL, we were given our bill

that I gladly paid for a job well done. So if you are ever around Portland, Main head over to Becky’s Diner, you will not be sorry that you did.
Till next time
Big Al


Online RSA said...

What a big lobster, delicious monster!

Jason Tyler said...

Looks like an awesome lobster!


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