Sunday, December 5, 2010

Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives…Oh MY!!!

Woke Saturday morning and decided to take a motorcycle trip….but where to? After quick surf on the internet it was decided to go for a late lunch at Darwell’s Café

After a quick conversation with the wife we were off around 12:00pm. The trip was around 85 miles from my house so we stopped off at Wiggins to top off the tank and take a short break.

Next stop was Long Beach on hwy 90 to check the Iphone GPS, next stop DARWELL’S!!!!

What can I say when you pull up to Darwell’s the word DIVE (not in a bad way)

comes to mind, its located right next to the railroad track, its bright red building stands out. Parking is minimum, some asphalt and gravel with parking across the street. Once you enter you are hit with unbelievable smell…that is when you know you are in the right place. You order right at the door,

before you can open your mouth to order you are greeted by the owner Darwell Yeager, you can tell right away Darwell knows he has a good thing going and is proud to tell you about…as he should be.
I had went for the prime rib sandwich with Au jus, BUT after hearing him talk about the daily special (Daily specials are written on a dry erase board just inside the doorway)
shrimp with crab meat, in sauce poured over angel hair pasta,

I was hooked, the wife order a crab patty with I think it was gumbo.

After ordering you pick up your drink from a little bar in the corner and seat yourself either inside or outside near

the stage were bands perform nightly.

We decided to sit outside as it was a beautiful day.

Shortly we were greeted by Darwells wife Nettie,

just checking on us to make sure everything was ok. Then came the waitress, with food that I would say, was out of this WORLD.

Man I loved that food, and from the Mmmm sounds coming from my wife while she was eating, I’d say she loved hers to…and she did. During our meal PaPa D (Darwells father)

also stopped by to say hello…trust me in minutes you will feel right at home here. Darwell

himself stopped by and told us the story of how the café came to be, and how hurricane Katrina
almost took them out right after they open, he also mention how he use to be a chef at Chappy’s a more fu, fu place also located on the coast.

After the meal, we said our good byes (sniff, sniff) and were on our way back home, getting home around 4:00pm.
I decided to rank Darwell’s Café (I usually don’t do this, as most places just don’t meet the buildup)
But here goes… scale 1-10, 1 being the lowest…

Atmosphere… 10

Service… 10

Food… 29!!!
(I would have given it a 30, but I want to keep Darwell from getting to big of a head. Ha-ha)

Don’t get me wrong: this is no fu, fu place, if your looking for white table cloths,

waiters wearing tux’s then this is NOT the place for you…if you like friendly people, unbelievable food, mismatched chairs and tables, Christmas lights hanging from the rafters, live bans and sitting around fire pits…THIS PLACE IS FOR YOU!!! I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT IT…THUMBS UP!!!
Till next time
Big Al
Special thanks to Guy Fieri for his show Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives,

without it I may have never known this place existed…that would have been a shame…keep up the good work Guy…I’ll be watching.


Dave The Website Guy said...

If you like the food at Darwell's Cafe in Long Beach. Make sure you check-out their Website: and check-out the many videos and store. Big things are going to happen there soon.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

Now I'm jealous of the food AND the weather.

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