Thursday, October 1, 2009


Well I’m excited to see October…most likely not for the same reason you see I received a 2009 motorcycle calendar for Christmas last year for my office at work. (Love it) well except for the motorcycle photo in September,

Got to say it just does nothing for me. I’ve been looking at it all month and was wanting a change…well I got it…welcome to OCTOBER…

The more Manley bike photo…its going to be a good month. Ha-Ha.

Well now for the real subject of this post…time to get back in shape and I plan on making October the month to do it…the plan, you ask? Time to get back to the gym and dare I say back on the diet. I’m still off all of my diebitic medicines but my blood sugar along with my bodyweight is going up. I’m giving myself 30 days to get both back down or its time to see the doctor again. If you look to the top left hand side of this page I will be keeping up daily with my body weight and sugar level. Remember 80-120 is good sugar level; I clocked in this morning at 227. Ouch!! Hopefully both will be dropping fast soon. WE’LL SEE. HA-HA.
Big AL


Lesa said...

Good Luck!!!!! You can do it!

*fitcetera* said...

Hi Big Al!
I'll be watching you ...
If you're checking in with my blog this month you hereby have my permission to give me sh*t if you see me slacking off.
I need a guy's no nonsense approach ... we women tend to coddle each other when we slip but I need to be told.
Good Luck this month! You can do it!

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