Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Today was the day I was going to quit the Thirty Day Experiment

Today was the day I was going to quit the thirty day experiment…until…I saw my comments and noticed I had one more comment added to the list. It was from a online friend of mine FITCETERA

It was short and sweet…but straight to the point (see below)

Hi Al, Hope you had a great weekend shrimping :D

Now get back to it, Buddy! I'm counting on you being here.

Sometimes you just need that kick in the ass

to keep going…and I appreciate the note more than she will know…now, don’t get me wrong I appreciate ALL my readers comments…but sometimes for some reason some comments just strike you at you core.

Big Al


*fitcetera* said...

Don't you DARE quit, Al.
I won't either.
Just one day at a time is all we need to do and the days will add up. Then so will the weeks.
PLEASE stay true, ok?
See ya tomorrow, same time same place :)

no way ... my word verification is "destinny" cool, huh?

RazorsEdge2112 said...

Keep on Keepin' on, buddy!!!

Shoot, I am used to seeing blood sugar readings in the 70s and 80s. Hypoglycemic here.

Like fitcetera wrote, "One day at a time..."

MeanDonnaJean said...

Oh for Gods sake....of COURSE yer not gonna quit today!

Besides, how on earth could it be a Thirty Day Experiment if ya only do Fourteen Days?


The whole experiment would be a big fat lie if that was the case....and we all KNOW that ya don't tell big fat lies (maybe just lil' white ones, but everybody knows that they don't count anyway!)

Hey, how come *fitcetera* gets cool verification words like DESTINNY when alls *I* get is stupid shit like BOLOID and PLURPNURPLE and YAMAMMA? (ya think this damn computer is tryin' to tell me somethin' here???)

*fitcetera* said...

MeanDonnaJean... yours are funnier though! :D

Today's? heesoryo ... He's sore, Yo. hahaha

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