Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yesterday, Day two of the body experiment.

Yesterday, Day two of the body experiment. Hmmm, made some progress yesterday dropped another 4 pounds, still not back in the gym yet

but getting the diet down. Moved up to six meals a day again…three main meals and three snacks...The snacks consist of fresh raw fruits

and mixed nuts and plain almonds.
I'm still using my trick of sausage and eggs at night for my main meal…tonight should be my last night for the late night meal; I’ve found for myself that for the first few nights if I eat a high fat high protein meal at night it helps me drop water weight. Works for me…but by Monday I should be totally on healthy foods and back at the gym full time.
More to come
Big AL

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*fitcetera* said...

I'm going to try your breakfast for dinner trick.

You boys lose your weight despite not following rules!!! NO FAIR! waaaaaaah! :D

I'll man up and not cry about this ... I'll just try harder.
I promise.

oh yeah .... waaaaah.

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