Sunday, October 4, 2009

Yesterday, day 4 of the Body Experiment

Yesterday, day 4 of the Body Experiment, Sunday, not much happen today stuck to the diet, with just a small cheat. I did eat a small handful of Cheetos

BUT, there’s always a but…I did start back at the gym today… (Ha-ha you thought I cheated again) 40 minutes on the treadmill incline set on level 4.

It’s been months since I’ve been in that place (gym); I have to admit I was a little intimidated to walk through the door. Not really sure why but once in I was roaring to get started and I did. Good first workout…many more to come…I hope.

I’m posting a YouTube link on this post of a guy talking about the five lies the diet marketplace keeps telling you to eat and drink.

That is very, very bad for you so beware…
More to come…


*fitcetera* said...

Feels good to get back at it eh?
good for you!
When I saw the picture of the Cheetos I thought I was going to read a sob story of how you broke down ... whew!

Thanks for posting the link. I've tried to eliminate most processed foods overall and I feel better for it.

hey, we're already on Day 5!

chessie said...

Al, have you seen that commercial...the one where they turn off the lights, turn on a black light...and everyone who ate Cheetos in the room is glowing orange? Funny as heck.... I laugh every time it comes on!

Go for it'll be looking and feeling like an almost new man except for that pesky achy feeling in your older bones...LOL

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