Friday, October 2, 2009

Yesterday, Day One of the Body Experiment

Yesterday, day one of the Body Experiment…Hmmm looks like I was on the right track if you look at the numbers (see chart top left hand side of this blog home page) dropped 3 pounds blood sugar went from 227 to 160…Wow what a start, RIGHT?...WRONG!!! Truth is I did almost everything wrong yesterday, I don’t want to kid myself into thinking I did anything right, here’s why.
FIRST the diet, woke up had a cup of coffee, no breakfast did not eat another bite of food until lunch. Lunch went ok tuna on whole wheat…then back to work, not another bite till I got home around 5:00pm. I was starving…walked in and my baby girl Allison was heating up some left over spaghetti

for her dinner…so in my starving state I grabbed a fork and had a bite or two or three or four….OUCH!!! My guess is that in a minute or so while still standing in my work clothes, I put away at least 500 to 800 calories…these are the kind of sneaky calories that kill a diet…COME ON NOW…you know what I’m talking about…the kind calories that make you lie

to your friends the next day when you say all I had to eat was a tuna sandwich…truth is you don’t even mean to lie it just that its not a sit down kind of meal, so it does not count…RIGHT! WRONG!!! It counts…and if you are like most people you do this two or three times a day without realizing how many unwanted calories you take in, in just minutes…Quch!! It can be thousands. Ok enough about that, after the spaghetti Opps…

My baby girl volunteered to cook me 3 scrambled eggs and some sausage for dinner.

(I know, I know, sounds strange but I’ll get more into my diet in the next few days…and NO it’s not the No-carbohydrate diet)

SECOND: the exercise…

are should I say the lack of…unless you count sitting (laying) in my chair watching TV exercise…Hmmm sounds good, but trust me it does not work…I’ve tried. Ha-ha. I did NONE yesterday. Second Ouch, of the day.

Well to say the least I was very much unprepared yesterday…but today WILL be a better day you will see. Oh yea I forgot to mention the wife went grocery shopping last night (thanks honey) so the house is now full of GOOD things to eat

along with the BAD.


fiddle mike said...

Break a leg, Al. Look forward to re-naming your blog, "Slim's Compound".

chessie said...

Al, I'm rooting for ya! Me and the MR> are doing the's hard though...all this fine food all around us...and I so miss comfort food...
Thumbs up sweetie...

SimplyRawesome said...

You are hilarious!! But ... I have faith in you. I know you can do it! Try to include some fruit (preferably watermelon) throughout the day rather than eating nothing. It will keep you metabolism going. Plus watermelon has a high alkaline pH which will help to raise your alkalinity level. Based on your diet yesterday, I feel confident your pH level is on the acidic side!! =)

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