Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My body made the switch…Ouch!!!

My body made the switch…Ouch!!!
Why ouch you ask, well I became terrible sick last night, stomach cramps and….well we will just leave it at that…ha-ha.

Ok, what is the switch…anyone that has dieted before knows what I’m taking about…I guess the best way to explain it is when your body is use to eating a certain way…high fat, grease food…to clean healthy food…I think it kind of shocks your body into a new way of life…this also works in reverse… it kind of helps you keep on the right tract…as sickness will happen when you start back on un healthy foods again if your diet has been strict…don’t worry about it…it just your body’s trying to adjust…NOT AN EXCUSE TO STOP!!!

I feel much better this morning, and roaring to go. No real big surprise in the lack of weight loss, my sugar level is a surprise, I guess I have never seen it exactly the same three days in a row. Due to my illness there was no workout last night…time for that to change…I plan on making tonight the big workout night. I need an outlet right now…extreme stress at work right now, not to mention the small wars I’m fighting at home the last few days…looks like it getting time to make a overnight solo hike somewhere…I NEED A BREAK!!!
More to come


MeanDonnaJean said...

And here I thought ya somehow zapped yerself with a few too many volts of some kinda outta control electricity. Glad to know THAT ain't the case.....altho cramps, shittin' and/or pukin' at the same time ain't all that much fun either.

Workout? God bless ya. Hell, I can barely WALK out these days.

Lyn said...

Hi Al. I got that surprise myself when my Mom was diagnosed with Diabetes. We changed the way we ate and it didn't take too long for the ahem "stuff" to happen. It's all good though.

According to my Doctor when you go from "Diner" food to fresh and good for you ruffage (whole grain everything, lots of veggies and fruits, yogurt, and more) your insides start to cleanse.

I'm going to stop now before your readers get sick. Great job.

SimplyRawesome said...

It's called a "healing crisis" when your body goes through the shock of detoxing. Keep it up. You're doing fabulous!! =D

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