Sunday, October 4, 2009

MS Transplant for Kids Motorcycle Ride.

Yesterday, Saturday morning I checked the weather online only 10 percent chance of rain. Time to run around like a chicken with its head cut off to get ready for the motorcycle ride for charity that I found out about last minute Friday night, held here in Petal Ms. The ride was to start at the Wagon wheel Steakhouse Inn
just on the outskirts of the big city of petal. Registration began at 9:00am and the ride started at 10:00am. Loaded up my camera rain suit and gave the bike a quick wash, I still had to get gas and needed to make a trip to the ATM for some much needed money.

I reached the parking lot around 9:20am, my guess would be around 35 bikes had already arrived.

I registered 20 dollar fee (that included your poker run ticket, raffle ticket, and a meal ticket for after the ride) and remember folks the money was going to a great cause. They had a nice setup at the wagon wheel no waiting for anything and had a nice setup of photos of the kids to be helped.

After a brief payer by one of the bikers we were broken up into three groups, I join the first group (smallest group) we pulled out at 10:00am on the dot. There were around 25 bikes in my group, we headed through petal

and onto the country back roads not to far from my house.

I snapped as many photos as I could while ridding in such a large pack. It was funny to watch the farmer’s faces as this large group of bike came thundering through unannounced. Wow what fun…you just had to be there.

First stop Sumrall Mississippi;

we made a brief stop (15 minutes) to mark our poker run cards and time for a quick snack. Twenty five bike at a little gas station in a small town sure draws some looks, but all of a sudden the second and third group came riding into town…
sounded like a server thunderstorm. Wow! Now there was something like 200 bikes invading the small town. Well time for our group to head out while the other groups took a break, to the next destination as we rode out of the small town of Sumrall.

We entered Purvis Mississippi the same way…LOUD!! Ha-ha. Same story stopped

to get a small break, poker stamps, and waited on the other group to show up. Then we were off to the wagon wheel to eat some burgers. We had a short trip down hwy 49…I was able to snap a quick photo of the southern MS. Sign

as we roared back into the wagon wheel for lunch. After a little small talk I was back on my bike heading for home; reaching home around 1:30pm…Great day of ridding.
Ok now on to my diet yesterday…it went well but I did make several mistakes. The big one was lack of planning... I had a nice healthy breakfast but did not pack anything to eat while on the ride above. The ride lasted a little longer than I expected so my next meal did not come until around 2:00pm once I got home…and you guessed it I was starving and a little dehydrated. I did well and only ate healthy but had a LOT of craving to fight off…that’s a problem with not eating every few hours. Second mistake was I drank a LOT of diet drink too as I had not had a drop of water on the whole trip…my body sucked it up and is hanging on to it. I also got a little sunburned while riding…this will also cause your body to hold water while trying to repair itself… any how, all this said I’m sure this is some of the reason for the lack luster one pound drop and a little rise in the Blood Sugar number yesterday…time to get back in the gym today…if I want to keep making progress….
More to come…


*fitcetera* said...

8 pounds since October 1st???
OMG, Al, that's amazing!

I am NOT making bets as to who will lose the most this month but I wlll bet we both stick with this!

the rider said...

A very worthy cause, great to read about it Al because we here in South Africa are always riding for a good cause. It seems that bikers are good folk all over the world.

States I’ve traveled to over the years

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