Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sushi anyone???

Got off work around 4:00pm Friday, went home and quickly became bored out of my mind. Luckily the wife Signe arrived home soon after looking hungry. After a quick kid check; we found out that Myles wanted to spend the night out with his buddy Tanner next door and go to soccer game later…Yes!!! One down, one to go, then we asked Allison, she had decided to sit it out around the house, as she has big plans for Saturday and Sunday. Free at last…Free at last!!! Ok I know this sounds meanto people that don’t have kids, but most parents understand even if they won’t admit it. Ha-ha.

No big plans just dinner out alone…NO KIDS!!!! Ok I’ll stop no more kid jokes. We really do love our kids (while shaking our heads no, did I type that out loud?) . So we decided that Sushi would be nice. Then we were off to our favorite Sushi restaurant, Little Tokyo, in Hattiesburg. We have been going to this place for years, it has had many owners and has been remodeled too many times to count and I am sad to say they still don’t draw lots of people. Tonight was a little different, this time they had added booths and a little more upscale atmosphere and to our surprise there were people in the place eating. Yea!!! I think they are going to make it.
On the way I pulled out my trustee I PHONE and snapped a shot
while waiting for a red light, you can’t miss the place it’s lit up in bright blue lights.

Then I took one of my darling little wife as we entered the place.

Once in, we were seated in a back booth, nice and quite but not a very good location to take photos of the restaurant, so you will have to settle for booth shots.

We had a super nice waitress that spoke very little English, we picked out our normal Sushi rolls and tried a new one with shrimp, crab meat, veggies, rice and seaweed, wow that was good but a little pricey . This roll was 11 dollars most of the rolls we eat run from 3 to 5 dollars; but it was well worth the extra money. The meal started of with a couple of bowls of soup,

followed by the Sushi roll platter,

followed by the fried rice,

then a small plate of fruit (freebee) There was one mistake of the evening, when we order our fried rice we told the waitress we wanted a serving for two and she brought us two huge servings, no big-ee, we got a box to go, knowing my boy would be home the next day and would eat it up. Great meal and a great time with the wife at Little Tokyo in Hattiesburg. Oh yea I almost forgot...the bill, not to bad for all the above and a few glasses of wine.

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Kellye, Chad, Hayden, and Sebastian said...

Mmmmm...hibachi.....double yummmm for sushi! I'm jealous! All that and dinner without the kiddos....Oy did something right Al! You guys should come to Jacktown and we can do hibachi some night....but Hayden is good for entertainment so maybe he and Seb can come along!

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