Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Not sure why I started thinking

about this but here goes anyway. This story is about a pocket knife…why you ask, I’m having a bit of writers block

and its all I could come up with, so sue me. Ok to the story, I was opening a box at work yesterday; you know the type with fifty pounds of tape holding it together. So I reached in my pocket and pulled out my trustee Case pocket knife to open it, it cut through the tape like butter. This in turn got me to thinking about how I came to own such a fine knife. It all happen a few years ago when I decided I wanted a canoe for some of my great outdoor adventures, so after a quick call to Bass Pro Shop, I found a canoe to my liking and price range (cheap) Bass Pro is around 90 miles from my house, so we loaded up the Lincoln Navigator, THAT RIGHT I said Lincoln Navigator instead of my truck. I’m not sure what I was thinking…I think something like… it’s got a roof rack and man will I look cool driving home with a canoe tied on top of it. (hmmmm not my best thinking, I’m sure) anyway we get to the store buy the canoe, and the sales people even offered to tie the canoe to the roof, this turned out to be a joke, god bless them they tried. So I did the only thing I could do I pulled the car around the building (So not to hurt anyone’s feelings) and started to retie the canoe. Then I realized I did not have enough rope, so back in the store I went to buy some (this is a big store, so it took awhile and the whole time the family waited in the car for my return) ok I get back to the car and now realize I do not have a single thing between all of us to cut the @#$% rope with…so you guessed it back in the store I went, this time I had to go upstairs to the hunting department, I search up and down the counter for a cheap knife, and then I saw it a small Case folding knife with aplastic handle $ 9.95 cents.

So I buy it and back down the stairs I go to the car, this is the funny part (not funny at the time) when I opened the bag the knife came, it was in one of those hard plastic cases, you know the kind, the kind you need a knife to open it. All I can say is it a good thing I have good teeth as I had to chew my way through the package to get the knife to cut the rope to tie the canoe. It was a long ride home, but we made it, with the canoe flapping in the wind all the way home. NOTE TO SELF: carry my truck next time you big dummy. I guess on a positive side I did end up with a great little knife that I carry every day…the verdict is still out on the canoe. Oh yea since I am talking about knives I added a photo of some knives I getting ready to mount in a glass case to hang on the man cave wall, more on that later.

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