Friday, January 30, 2009


Well its official A room is booked at the Iberville Suites in New Orleans

Saturday night, January 31, 2009 .Why you ask? Its time to party!!!

NO, NO!!! My buddy Chad and my new buddy Kellye, and yea Kellye is a girl. Stop the presses no National Enquirer story here…

Big Al… Sex Scandal!!!

let me explain, one of my hiking buddies Chad is married to Kellye they live about 90 miles away, around Jackson Ms.

So I have never meet Kellye face to face, I just have enjoyed reading their families blog,

it reminds me a lot of my family. We’ve sent a few blog related emails back and forth and through her blog I’ve learned she is into running and plans on running in the Mardi Gras Marathon

(this is a whole and a half marathon on th same day) on Sunday February 1, 2009. Folks... her run is something like 13 miles longgggg, it makes me tired just typing it, and NEVER THE LESS trying to run or even walk it for that matter. Ha-ha. Ok truth is my wife Signe and I have been just trying to get away for a short vacation and this trip seemed like just the ticket, plus we will get to meet Chad’s family and at least get to say hello. But (there is always a but) looks like we are not going to be able to make it...its Super Bowl weekend and we already have plans, not to mention big bucks bet on the game...Ha-ha.
Now that, that is out of the way, let’s talk a little about the race (that I expect Kellye to win)

Course Description
The Half-Marathon shares the first half of the Marathon course (shown in red above). Both courses start on Sugar Bowl Drive in front of the Louisiana Superdome. Head east-south-east onto Poydras Street to Carondolet Street and turn left onto Carondolet heading north-north-east. Cross Canal Street into the French Quarter on Bourbon Street. Take Bourbon Street north-east to Dumaine Street, turn right onto Dumaine for one block and right again onto Royal Street heading south-west. Cross Canal Street and continue on St. Charles Avenue. Follow the streetcars on St. Charles along the curve of the river until reaching Audubon Park. Turn left into the park and right onto the park loop. Make one full loop of the park and exit back onto St. Charles Avenue. Return along the same route to Poydras Street, turning left onto Poydras. The Half-Marathon course turns left on Clara Street and left again onto Sugar Bowl Drive to the finish line. The Marathon course continues west-north-west on Poydras Street.
The second half of the Marathon course (shown in blue above) continues up Poydras Street. The halfway point is at the intersection of Poydras and S. Claiborne Avenue. Continue west-north-west on Poydras to Galvez Street, turning right onto Galvez to Banks Street. Turn left on Banks Street heading north-west to the bicycle path on the Jefferson Davis Parkway neutral ground. Follow the bicycle path to its end on Lafitte Avenue and move to Moss Street. Follow Moss Street along Bayou St. John to N. Carrollton Avenue. Turn right onto N. Carrollton and cross Esplanade Avenue to Wisner Boulevard. Follow Wisner north between City Park and Bayou St. John to Robert E. Lee Boulevard. Turn left onto the bicycle path heading west to Marconi Drive. Turn left on Marconi heading south. Turn left into City Park onto Roosevelt Mall. Follow Roosevelt Mall to Stadium Drive and then onto Dreyfous Drive to Lelong Drive. Exit City Park, turning right onto N. Carrollton Avenue. Turn left onto Moss Street and return to the Superdome along the same route (Jefferson Davis bicycle path to Banks to Galvez to Poydras). The Marathon course ends the same as the Half-Marathon, turning from Poydras onto Clara Street and then onto Sugar Bowl Drive to the finish line.
Here is a list of the overall male and female HALF-MARATHON winners from last year 2008

Kevin Castille
Zac Freudenburg
Dusty Lopez
Claudia Kasen
Lindsey Grewe
Katie Cannizzaro

I did not break it down by age groups, as I KNOW Kellye will take the overall win, most likely taking down the men’s overall time too, my guess would be her time will be somewhere in the one hour range. She is… Grease lighting, I tell you.

Now that you know about the race, lets talk about Kellye, here is what I know. She is married to my buddy Chad has two children Hayden, Sebastian and likes to run…that’s it, that’s all I know.

So I did some snooping on the web and here is what I came up with…first a photo.

She seem sweet, charming and innocent enough…but CHAD said she is a real animal, I’m sure he was talking about running.

But then I found it, after hours of searching the web…the money shot, Kellye after she…dare I say it... she started using steroids to get ready for the race…this is just my opinion but I think she may have used to many.

then she did the un-thinkable and got her baby boy on the juice and I don't mean apple juice...see for yourself.
whats next the baby!!!!

Ok guys I’ve had my fun (its hard to be my friend…just ask Chad, I’v been doing this kind of stuff to him for years. ha-ha) I hope the race goes well for you and wish I could see you guys in New Orleans.
Big Al

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