Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bike week in Daytona or NO bike week in Daytona…that is the question.

This is a tough one; I found out a few days ago that the big bike week will be held on February 27-March 8 at Daytona Beach Florida this year. Ok here is the problem, I want to go BUT (there’s always a but) ONE: I have already made plans to go on a hiking trip March 6-8; I’m just waiting on Chad to confirm the hiking dates.

TWO: I was already planning a motorbike trip all the way to Key West Florida, and would hate to make two motorcycle trips into deep Florida in the same year. THREE: I just received my new vacation days for the work year and I hate to blow more than a week at a time.
Daytona bike week 2008

Oh yea…there are bike’s there too. Ha-ha.

My first thought was to take the whole week off and leave right after work Friday, drive to Daytona camping along the way, this is around 650 miles. Spend a night or two in Daytona then get up and head to Key West another 450 miles, after leaving Key West I would just follow the coast line all the way back home another 1050 miles (give are take) In case you don’t have a calculator handy

that comes up to 2,150 miles. That sounds like a scary number until you divide it by nine days, and then you’re only looking at 238 miles a day. But (see I told you there is always a but) I don’t want to just drive straight through, I’d like to spend a day or two in several places along the way, if so, I would have to put in super long four and five hundred mile days, trust me that a long way on a motorcycle.

What to do, what to do…I keep looking at the states I’ve traveled map

at the bottom of the blog page and keep thinking those northern states sure look lonely. I am really considering a northern state motorcycle road trip for around nine days. Hmmmmm, just not sure, I have been to Daytona several times (…had fun every time) but the idea of seeing new things sounds really good to me and anyone who knows me, knows I have a big traveling spirit.

What about the little wife you ask? Well she does not share the same sense of adventure that I do. No long distance motorcycle rides, week long hiking trips for her, she's more of a home body that loves to sit around and read good books and take care of the kids. (She does a very, very good job with the kids) I think she is a little scared of the unknown and open road, I guess that’s why they say opposites attract. We are going on 21 years of marriage now…

Wow that’s a longggg time. Three cheers for my little wife Signe for putting up with all my great adventures and giving me the freedom to travel the open roads or even the backwoods for weeks at a time. A lot of women just would not understand...But, I’m not crazy, I'm sure she does a little happy song and dance once I'm OUT THE DOOR.
No husband…no husband…yea, yea, yea!!!

Well I have got to make a decision soon; I’ll post it as soon as I know…I’ll be back!!

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