Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy birthday….Aunt Shirley!!!

After my day of total power at work (the boss was gone and I was left in charge 12/12/2008 the office may never be the same. Ha-ha), the family got together for a surprise birthday party for my little Aunt Shirley. The plan…Have a surprise party at The Bottling Company Friday night at 5:30pm, with the surprise-eee to show up at 6:00p

The family started to show up all bearing gifts, some store bought and others made with love.

The crew started to grow AND GROW!!!

Then we got the notice…the surprise-eee was in the building, it went off like a charm, we scared the crap out of them (I said them, because we did not let her husband Wayne in on it…he would have squealed, sorry Wayne. Shirley, cried like a baby, truth is she was crying due to long flight of stairs she had to climb, but it sounds better if we think it was due to the surprise.

There were many hugs and kisses was like a real love fest.


I wish I knew how old my Aunt Shirley is….if I only had a clue…

I wonder what happen to all those cupcakes…the kids said they had not seen them…hmmm???

Another nice touch…all through out the party, photos were playing on the big screen TV of friends and family.

Speaking of nice touches…Chad and his wife Heather gave a hand written poem describing the life and times of my little Aunt Shirley, then to top it off Heather read it to everyone at the party, a real tear jerker, great job Heather, great job.

Then it was time to get this party started...BREAK OUT THE BOOZE!!!!

No booze for me, THANK YOU...I'm drinking for two!!!

Then there were the ones who said they were drinking rootbeer but their face tells a different story...

The party turned out to be a great success, good times for all…HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shirley!!!
Don’t WORRY, we will be back at The Bottling Company Thursday next week for the Bagget’s annual Christmas party, and yea I’ll be reporting on that too. THE END.

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