Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas time at the compound.

I sure racked up this year, mostly motorcycle stuff…well that is the topic for today anyway. Lets start with the little things, I got a chopper calendar for my office at work, a J&P Cycle t-shirt, a book on great motorcycle rides of the south(I’ll be doing a book review on it later). The next three thing were items I needed for riding the bike in cold weather, the first was a skull face mask (keeps the cold air off of your face while riding at high speeds) the second was a leather jacket (very pricy) with a removable liner and zippers all over the place to let cool air in once it starts getting warmer (a true motorcycle jacket). And third but not least a pair of gloves, funny story behind the gloves, so here goes…first off they were the last present I un-wrapped I was scared I was not going to get them, and trust me I needed them very bad. When I went to Thunder on the Beach Motorcycle Rally at Panama City beach Florida during the late summer I decided to drive home at night so I stopped at a gas station and bought a pair of gloves,

I think the price was 1.98 cents they were a little small on me (everything always is) but they did their job and kept my hands warm in the 65 degree weather (65 is kind of cold when you are doing 75 mph at night) so here is the funny part, I have been wearing them up to this date, even when it dropped to 28 degrees. I only work about 10 miles from my house but use the hwy to get there, so 28 degrees turns into some thing like ZERO at 60mph. by the time I would get half way my fingers would feel like they were going to fall off and I’m sure once I reached the office I had some kind of frost bite (ok maybe not frost bite but very cold hands) it was only a few months before Christmas so I thought I cold hold out. Everyday I drove my bike to work my hands got colder and colder, so I came up with the bright idea of wearing two pairs of cheap gloves, so I looked around the house one morning and found a very old and very dirty pair of BellSouth leather gloves

that were smaller than the first cheap pair I bought. So I first put on my cloth cheap gloves then would try to cram my hand and glove (and image of O J on the stand comes to mind)

into the cheap leather glove, I’d get them on but they did not even cover my wrists, so when I drove cold air would blow right up my jacket sleeve and turn my wrist watch into a frozen ban of metal around my arm.

It only took me a few trips to realize I needed to take my watch off and put it in my pocket before I started the ride. This went on morning after morning until now!!! I’d like to enter duce to you the Tourmaster Winter Elite size two extra large,

wow now that is a warm glove I drove to work this morning and never even began to get cold fingers, they even have a shield wipe built into the thumb(great on rainy days). Thanks mom and dad you just may have saved your sons life, well at least his fingers. Ha-ha.

(below) cheap gloves left tourmaster on the right

More on the jacket and face cover on a later post. Photo below is my daughter Allison modeling the jacket, face mask and gloves Christmas morning. Scary!! Scary!!!

States I’ve traveled to over the years

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