Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Saying goodbye to a good friend, sniff…sniff.

I remember it like it was yesterday, there has been almost twenty years of history between the two of us; we have had many, so many, good times that it is hard to count over the years. My friend has been a close companion during the birth of both of my two kids, has stuck by my side during many home moves, even traveled from the gulf coast to the Compound with me.

And then it happen, about two months ago I started noticing my friend was not doing so good, started to make a strange noise, and as gross as it sounds started leaking a little water. I called in a doctor for a check up and was told my friend was getting old and may not have much time…sniff…sniff. I did what I could for my friend; I kept towels down, trying to keep the water from dripping on to the floor, trying to show mercy for my friend’s feelings. Then I woke up one morning and I noticed the light had gone from bright to off and my friend was running a very high fever, and pouring water everywhere. That’s right my friend was dead. Gone to the great appliance store in the sky (ahhhh did I forget to mention my friend was my refrigerator.) I guess I left that part out. Ha-ha.

Just what do you say about a friend that has never let you down for the last twenty years…the same thing you would say about your wife are close friend, I’m sure….SAY HELLO… TO MY NEW BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!

That’s right, it time for a new refrigerator, and a time to get a little greener, so off to Lowes, Sears, Home Depot, with no luck, I went. Here is the problem the cabinet above my old refrigerator is exactly 69” from the ground to the bottom of the cabinet and all of the “Energy Star” refrigerators are 70” are taller so a decision was made to order one from Sears, (68 ¼” tall) we were told it would be here in 5 days…WRONG!!! So while we were waiting we had to move our food to the smaller refrigerator in the Man Cave
(Man Cave to the rescue again) now here is the funny part, the Man Cave is only around ten steps from the old refrigerator spot but no one would hardly ever use it, it’s the truth, if you got thirsty you would just fill up a glass of water from the sink, instead of making the ten step journey. I even found myself just putting ham and mustard on my half sandwich instead of all the fix’ens because the journey was just too long and too hard to carry all the stuff. How lazy can one family be…ha-ha, stop laughing!!! I’m sure you would do the same thing.

Then we get the call from Sears, and find out we were second on the list and the frigid would be delivered Tuesday before Thanksgiving, between 10:am and 4:pm this worked out great (my wife was out of school that week) well when I got home from work…yep you guessed it no refrigerator and come to find out Sears had made a mistake and it would not be delivered until Saturday after thanksgiving this meant another whole day sitting around unit it was here, that turned out to be 5:15pm, in case you were wondering.

I have to say it was well worth the wait and the cost to run it is somewhere around 58 $ a year, I bet my old one cost me that a month. More on the Compound going green in the next post are two, I plan on going green in a major way…coming soon.

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