Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Morning everyone, what a weekend…I got the call Thursday night…it was my dad needing someone to drive back to Texas with him to pick up my uncles camper. Here a little background, my mom and dad both work for insurance agency’s that write claims after storms in different states, this time it was in Texas. All the hotels were full so they rented my uncles RV this time; I think they have been in Texas around two months when mom wanted to come home around thanksgiving, so dad took a day off and brought mom home for the holidays and went back by himself until this weekend.

Not a lot to report on, we left after work Friday, and headed for Texas; we stopped somewhere in Louisiana for gas and a snack, and were on the road again. By this time it was dark so most of the photos were taken on the way home.

Once we reached Texas (NEDERLAND) we stopped to eat at a little home town restaurant that turn out to be just a franchise, sorry I can’t remember the name of the place, it’s not bad but not a place I would want to make a 359 mile journey to. I had the catfish and fried shrimp, good but kind of bland. (Yea I know what you are thinking fried food and diabetes!!!, more on that in my next post…I been a bad boy, and now I’m paying the price) after dinner we headed to the RV campground, put the heater on, and laid down and watched the ultimate fighter for awhile and then went to sleep.

Woke up early Saturday morning, to the smell of coffee (thanks pop) then it was time for breakfast….hmmm I guess you could call it that, it was some kind of frozen egg omelet that dad threw in the microwave for a few minutes. Yea I ate it…that all I’m going to say about that. Ha-ha. (That was my best Forrest Gump impression)

After breakfast, we decided to go look for some citrus trees to buy and take back home, dad had seen a lot of them growing in Texas and want to try some at home. We went to a co-op just down the street with no luck. So then I got out the Iphone (the greatest phone ever!!!) hit the yellow pages and was given many places to look, Cooks Nursery and landscaping…www.cooksnurserytx.com was only 1.9 miles away, so then I changed my Iphone to GPS and it took us right to the front door. (Oh yea, dad was impressed) Did I mention the Iphone is the greatest phone ever!!! We ended up buying 4 trees one lemon, blood orange, baby orange tree (I can’t think of the name right now), and a Satsuma tree. More on them in a later post.
Then we went back to the camper to get it unloaded and disconnected for the ride home, several of the adjusters came over to say goodbye including the boss, they seemed like a nice group of guys. The boss even had his smoker going full blast cooking some kind of meat for the afternoon.

So then we were off, heading home me driving the van and dad driving the RV. I had taken one of the diet cokes out of the refrigerator and a giant bag of chips was sitting on the seat beside me. (It might as well been heroin. Ha-ha) I kept telling myself don’t eat the chips; don’t eat the chips along the way. And then it happen…I ate a chip…..oh my god it was good…..I guess I don’t need to tell you how this story ended. (Yea I ate the whole bag) then it gets worse we stopped at one of those two in one stores for gas, it was a store and a McDonalds, so we grabbed a couple of cheese burgers and fries to take on the road. Fat happy but very sick to my stomach, I’m just not use to all that grease any more, it liked to killed me, it made for a long ride home, but yea I did keep shoveling chips in my mouth all the way home.

Just a few things I found interesting

RV Park in Texas

Leaning lights in Texas

Oil plants

Bridge over swamp; I think it is twenty seven miles long

Exit to Nancy and Jimmy’s house (the wife sisters)

Is Texas the only state that has two different speed limits, one for day and one for night? I never saw that before.

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