Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Living on the wrong side of the track

As I said before I live in the small town of Petal that backs up to the much larger town of Hattiesburg where I work. I love living in a small town, manly due to the lack of traffic…but there is one problem to my paradise, the train track that runs right along the border of the two towns. I have to cross the tracks twice on my way to work, once about a mile form my house, and then downtown Hattiesburg about a half mile from work. I live in a rural area, so sometime the train will park on the track and stop for hours at a time at the location by my house. This leaves you with two options; one sit there and hope the trains moves soon are drive about ten mile away from work and then circle back to the office, just to find out that the train has moved.

It use to make me say very bad words, but now I just live with it…no need to get mad about something you can’t change. Now my wife on the other hand, I thinks she get out of the car and kicks the train a few times. Ha-ha. I have to admit this can be a bad thing if you have to go pee p, are god forbid…well you know, that other bodily function. Ha-ha, clean up aisle three!!! Gross.

Ok so I make it pass the first train and I’m right on time for work and to my horror there it is just sitting there blocking the road again, so close but yet so far, I can see the tower on the building where I work but know way to get around the d#m train. (Oops that slipped out) only good news is this is down town Hattiesburg at rush hour so the train will move but (there’s always a but) it may take as long as twenty minutes at the worst. So it decision time again, do I just sit and wait (the option I usually choose) are do I drive around like a mad man to the many crossing in Hattiesburg (like most people do) ninety percent of the time everyone does this and ends up going to the wrong crossing and ends up waiting longer due to the train doing its little dance…you know the one, where it goes forward then stops and goes backward for awhile, I have to admit I love watching people in my rear view mirror falling apart in their car as the train almost gets across the tracks and then stops and backs up. People really let this bother them; I think it funny most of the time.

Then there is one more thing I find very funny, most of the people in my office live in Hattiesburg, and have to fight god awful traffic every day to and from work, I’m sure it takes each of them thirty to forty minutes of commute each way everyday. But if I show up late maybe once a month due to a train, all I hear is “that why I would never live in Petal” crazy how peoples mind works…ha-ha

Oh yea in case you are wondering why this post now…well I was stopped by a train this morning, and was late for work. Ha-ha.

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