Saturday, November 22, 2008

Book review time “God, Guns, & Rock’n Roll”

God, Guns,& Rock’n Roll by Ted Nugent

I guess now that I’m going to be a book reviewer now; I need to come up with some kind of point system, I’ll keep it simple, one to five stars, one being the worse and five being the very best. I have to rank this book as FIVE STARS, Uncle Ted and I have a lot of the same ideas about America and just family in general. Don’t get me wrong Ted’s out there, way, way out there. He talks about everything in this book from his ideas about politics, schools, hunting, concealed gun permits, the media, not to mention God and the great outdoors. Trust me when Ted speaks your going to listen, rather you agree are disagree, he will make you think. Some of the things I found interesting was that he had never been drunk nor did drugs ever in his entire life. I remember being a teenage and going to his concert in Mississippi (back in the 80’s) and I thought he was one of the biggest drug users of all time. Come to find out that he was just high on life not drugs; the media just portrayed him as drunken, high madman. That explains one of many quotes scattered throughout the book “the examples of fraud, manipulation, twisted statistics, and out and out lies about guns by the media are unlimited”. Even talking about other bands Ted never held back another quote when talking about other bands drug drinking and drug use “they got high, and they’re all dead. I went hunting, and I’m still Ted.” Hard truth.
I think most people that like the great out doors, the right to carry concealed weapons, voice their opinion about the government, and a love for America, you will love this book. If you’re a big Pita person, you might want to stay away from this one...ha-ha. Ok review is over, I’ll leave you with one more quote “Ted in the absolute extreme, the whole extreme, and nothing but the extreme, so help me God”
Ps: Ted’s new book just hit the shelf in October, “Ted, White and Blue” I sure hope to find it in
my Christmas stocking this year. Hint...Hint.

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