Sunday, November 23, 2008

The creature from beneath the covers

No… not really a creature, it’s just my dog Taco wakening from a good night sleep. The little wife and kids were gone to Louisiana this weekend to visit her sister, and do a little tailgating…GO LSU!!!

So I had the whole house to myself…so I thought. Well the weather turned cold so this means my two small dogs, Taco and Bell (what great names I came up with) need to come inside, we have a large fenced off area at the compound complete with dog house that the dogs normally stay in night and day, but on very cold nights we bring them in due to their short hair and they only weigh in at a few pounds.

As I said before we have two dogs, you would never know they are sisters; they are like night and day different. Taco (the bigger of the two) is very laid back and lovable and never meets a stranger. Bell on the other hand is very petite very shy and runs are barks at anyone new, and she seems to favor my dad and my wife. I call Bell the queen as she would be a great lap dog, you know the type, carried around all day and pampered. (Now that I think about it, it sounds like the wife and me. Ha-ha)

I got both dog a few Christmas ago, I had asked my wife to get me one but ended up with two. What happen was my wife got a deal (cheap dog) from a local puppy farm, 50 bucks, if I remember right. Well when she went to pick up the puppy, the living conditions were so bad that she just could not leave Bell behind.

As for the sleeping the dogs are very different here too, Taco loves to get under the covers and snuggle right up next to my back are all the way down to my feet, either way she is not moving and will sleep there until you wake her in the morning and then there’s Bell…Bell is up and down every few hours, with at least two pee breaks every night and sleeps on top of the covers. But all and all they are both lovable dogs and important members of the family.
So if any of you, nare do wells out there… plan on invading the compound, just remember… Taco, Bell is on patrol.

Oh yea I added this photo of my wife’s cat Lucky just so she would know that I did feed her while she was gone…I think. I have to give credit, where credit is due we have had Lucky the cat for around ten years now, she stays inside 50 percent of the time, never uses a litter box (we don’t own one), and always makes it outside to do her business. If we are asleep when nature calls she will come scratch on our bedroom door until we let her out, smart cat.

Just another day in the life of the compound.

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