Friday, November 7, 2008

Two new things worth talking about…

First a good buddy of mine, Mr. Mike Ainsworth sent me an e-mail a few days ago and I wanted to share it with my readers. Here’s a little background on Mike, he use to work here at the great empire, they call AT&T. He was an engineer (and still is) like me that was working through a contractor firm but still in the same office. I first met mike during the after mat of Katrina, he was sent to our office to design the new cable routes after the storm, and proved to be an excellent engineer and was asked by the company to stay on…so he did. We became great friends; he would stop my desk in the mornings and tell me stories about Alaska, a state where he had worked before, and you cold tell wanted to move to again. Mike lived about an hour away from our office; on I think it was 250 acres, he was living my dream of mine, a lot of land in the country. I have to admit I was secretly plotting to do him in and take his land…but there was just on problem…he is just to dam BIG, I’m 6’5” and I was always looking up at him every time we spoke. (Just kidding Mike) well Mike got his wish and there was a job opening in Alaska (paying big bucks) and just like that, my buddy was gone...sniff…sniff. I sent him a few e-mails and never go much response...until now. This one had photos and everything, so I decided to share it with my readers…photos first.

Now I copied and pasted the email below, so not to miss anything

“Medium sized.”

A man of few words…ha-ha. Well good luck to you buddy…maybe next time let me know what part of Alaska your in, and don’t worry about your land, it will still be there when you get back, unless you want to give it to me…I’m am looking for land myself.

Gun and reel sportsman’s club

This is a hunting camp I have been trying to get into for a little of a year now...My boy has turned 11 now and he has expressed an interest in going hunting. So I decided to try and join a hunting club, I found out about this one from my dad, and we went to sign up last year but it was full, they only take in a new member once someone drops out, I was given the number 10, so 10 hunters had to drop their membership this year for me to get in, I received a letter about a month ago to come to the camp Thursday November 6, 2008 at 6:00pm if I was interested, so my son and I made plans to attend. Well the date arrived and it was time to go, to my surprise my wife want to go and check out the club and my boy decided to stay home and play with his buddies. We left the house at 5 because we had to go to the bank and get money to join, it’s about a 40 minute drive to the club, and so we had plenty of time…I thought.

Just as we left the bank, we got a phone call from my wife’s parents,

telling us they had broken down and could we come get them...oh no!!! I have to admit for a brief second I had a little devil and angle popping up on my shoulder fighting over rater to leave them are pick them up and give them a ride…the angle won!!

Are it might have been my wife sitting beside me saying “you better not even think about it!!!”

So a change in direction and we were off to get her parents, here is the reason this was a bad thing…the hunting club only takes in new members once a year, and it is done on a number system, as I said before I was number 10 this year and there were right at fifty people wanting to join, so the way it works is at six o’clock they call out a name starting at number one, if they are not there they go to number two and so on. If you get skipped you have to wait on all fifty new members to be call out before they get back to you. I think this year there was around 25 openings, so you do not want to miss the calling of your name. Once we picked up here parents we informed them they would have to ride to the camp with us…they were trooper about it and we made it with two minutes to spare.
Funny thing, I was the first one signed up 1-9 either were no show are missed their names.

I know very little about the camp and plan on riding up this Saturday and go looking around and try and find a spot to kill bambi,

ha-ha truth is I care very little about hunting, and plan on using the place just to shoot guns, go fishing, camping, and introduce my boy to the wild and let him make his own choice if he want to become a hunter are not.

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