Friday, October 3, 2008

Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally report: PART 3

I woke up early Saturday morning, to the sound of what could be best described as thunder…yep the bikers are starting to come into town by the hundreds. So I got out of bed, made a quick bike check (it was still there) took a shower and packed up my bike and was ready to go…except for one thing left to do, check out. I walk to the front desk in full biker gear again, helmet and goggles in hand and noticed that the hot chick (see part 2) had been replaced with kind looking little old lady.(looks can be deceiving) as I walked up to the desk…This Really Happen!!! ….Before I could say one word the lady behind the desk said “I guess you here to harass me too” I have to admit I stood there for a minute kind of in shock, I asked, what you mean? Then she said I got a speeding ticket this morning, I’m still trying to figure out what that had to do with me (the only thing I could think of later was maybe it was a motorcycle cop are something) anyway I told her I needed to check out of room 224, then she tells me I was not in room 224, then I had had to tell her the whole story of about what happen the night before, that the hot chick forgot to change me into the right room but enough of that, lets get on the road.

I hit the road around 9:00am; at first I would pass a bike are two going west while I was traveling east and we would give the biker wave (for you non-bikers out there the wave is just putting your hand out between your leg and the handle bars of your bike) watch as two bikers pass each other almost all of them do it. Then as I went on there were more and more bikers, and it seemed like my hand stayed in the wave position, it became funny after awhile, it was kind of like saying “how are you doing” time and time again. After awhile you just had to give the biker wave up, soon I was passing thousands of bikes every hour.

As I cruised into Destin beach, I took a few photos, I also passed a great breakfast place that is right on the hwy ANOTHER BROKEN EGG CAFÉ, I did not get a chance to eat there on this trip, but have eaten there before and I highly recommend it when you have the time, get there early to avoid the lines.

Then I saw it; the Panama City Beach sign, I made it. As soon as I turned on to the beach I became the leader of my first motorcycle gang, was not quite the gang I had in mind, it was a group of 25 are 30 scooters , but I was the leader….yea baby!!!!

I took a ride all the way down the beach, just to see what Panama had to offer, my guess would be that the ride is somewhere around 10 miles long and took 45 minutes to and hour to ride due to all of the motorcycles traffic.(Panama offers a lot to the bikers)

Right after lunch I became the leader of a real biker gang, this time I was the leader of and all black all Harley gang for around thirty miles, we spend the morning riding up and down the beach listening to the beats of their fantastic stereo systems build into the bikes, talking at the red light, and just having a good time, its kind of hard to make out in the photo, but it happen, I think they got a kick out of following the big white boy on a Yamaha.. Great bunch of guys.

Well time for work, I’ll finish up part four soon

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