Sunday, October 19, 2008


Hello everyone, sorry no updates lately…truth is I’ve been sick?? I guess you would call it that… here is how it all started last Tuesday I woke up with a small tooth ache, by the time I got to work, everything was fine. The day went ok, but by the end of the day I started to fell more pressure in my cheek above my tooth as night came, it started to hurt more and more. My first thought was it was a sinus infection so I tried some home remedies that seemed to work a little, I woke up Wednesday morning with more pain, after I talked to my mom, she talked me into going to the doctor, so I was already dressed for work, so I went by to let the boss know where I would be, just my luck he was gone, so I told my co-workers and off to the doctor I went. I could not get into to see my regular doctor he was booked, so I had to see the office backup doctor. By the time I got in to see him around 10:30am I was in extreme pain, it hurt to touch my teeth together and there was pressure in my right cheek. I think I went into the doctors office liked a crazed drug addict, the first thing out of my mouth when I saw the doctor was “hello, I need something for pain!!!” I really don’t think the doctor believed me, I kind of got the quick check up, was told it was a sinus infection was given something for pain, and a prescription,

and to home I went, I crawled into bed and took the pain pill….wow!!! Those little suckers work fast, and make you feel gooood! Anyway I stayed in bed all day an fell asleep around 6 pm. Only to wake up with my face the size of a football around midnight,

by this time I could feel a small blister on the side of my gum, so I went back to bed only to wake up again around twelve thirty, finding the blister had popped and a lot of my face had drained, and best of all the PAIN was gone…YEAAAAAAA!!!! The next morning it was decided to go back to the doctor once again just to fine out what was going on, I could not get back in until 4:20pm (the doctor office closes at 4:00) but they stayed open for little old me. When I walked in I could see the horror in the faces of the nurses once they saw mine, I was sent straight in to see the doctor. This time they decided to draw blood (ouch!!!!) the only problem was I was so dehydrated my veins were collapsing, so she ended up taking it out of my hand (I had dropped around 10 pounds in two days for some reason) I kept wondering why all the needle pokes did not hurt, then I remembered I was still on those tiny little PAIN pills…PAIN PILLS GOOOOD!!!! After the blood work the doctor came back in and gave me a better checkup, that’s when he saw the blister on my gum, I was then told it, was an abscess tooth causing the trouble, this meant throw away all the drugs I bought yesterday and start all over again. After I got a new prescription filled it seemed to do wonders for the swelling in my face by Sunday morning my face was back to normal. To make a long story short, I got in to see my dentist Tuesday morning and found out I had to have a root canal, here is the sad part, it was on a tooth that I had a root canal on in the year 2000. I was told it was just on of those things that happen, the second root canal went great and I was back to work the same day. I glad that over…but I did have to miss the Chautauqua Bike Rally, it was on the same weekend…well there is always next year.

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