Friday, October 3, 2008

Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally report: PART 4

After driving up and down the beach a couple of dozen times, I decided to check out the local pubs and souvenir shops and lets not forget the Bikini Bike Washes that were located about every three blocks.

Some of the places worth your time In my opinion are; Salty’s Hangout, All American Dinner, Hammerhead Fred’s, Hooters, Frankie’s D’s, Shark’s, Los Antonito’s…and many more, I just cant remember all the names, I’m not getting any younger you know.

Parking would be a major problem if you were in a car are truck, it was still a tight squeeze even on a bike sometime there were 5 bikes per parking spot. Event t-shirts were priced high as expected, food and alcohol did not seem any higher than anywhere else.

There were bikes of every shape, color and makes, Harley Davison was by for the majority. The funny thing is most people buy a Harley to stand out in the crowd but in Panama they were just one of the thousands, the other makes seemed to draw more attention. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a Harley basher, I love them all.

There were many scooters (a lot of them were rentals) some were hard core and had driven a long way to come to the show, brave people, considering they only go about 40 mph on flat road, but at 100 mpg who could blame them, they seemed to have as much fun as everyone else, sometime even more.

Then there were the sport bikes (crouch-rockets) some of them had unbelievable paint jobs, huge rear tires and the best accessories of all, very hot girls on the back, some decked out in bikinis only, it was a site to see….so I was told by other guys…I never gave them a second look being I’m a happily married man ;) the sport bikes had the advantage by for in the hot women department, I finely figured it out, I would say the average age of the sport bike rider was around 18 to 25 years old, the average Harley rider was in there mid 50’s, this is not to say that there were no hot ladies riding Harleys, but they were few and for between. I can only say this because I’ll be turning 50 myself soon. I have to admit I don’t look as good in a thong as I use to either. Ha-ha.

Part five; the conclusion coming soon.

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