Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally report: Part 2

I headed down hwy 42 until I reached the small town of Richton where I got on hwy 15 that turned onto hwy 98 heading to Mobile Alabama, a co-worker and I had talked about it the day before and said knowing my luck I would reach downtown mobile around lunch time (lots of traffic for many miles). Yep you guessed it, I looked at my watch as soon as I entered town….12:03pm, I have to admit the traffic turn out not to be that bad, I made it through town in just a few minutes. I turned on to hwy i-65 and headed to I-10 once I turned onto I-10 I took exit 44 to Gulf Shores Alabama, the ride down the road to gulf shores is a nice little ride on a bike, the police were out in full force so I pretty much kept to the speed limit. I pulled into the state park to get a camp site for the night. As I got near the guard shack I noticed what looked to be hundreds of Fema trailers stacked side by side, I stopped and talked to the park ranger and he said they had a few camp sites but none with trees on it (all trees killed by the last big storm),

this is not a good thing, I brought my hammock tent that hangs in the trees so I decided to move on. So I drove on to Pensacola Florida and found another state park called the Big Lagoon it looked to be a nice gated park, I talked to the park ranger there and told him what kind of site I was looking for, so he told me to go take a look around and pick a few sites that would work then come back and tell him the one I wanted. I road around for about thirty minutes until I found three sites that had trees in the right arrangement for my hammock then I drove back to the ranger station, by this time there was a line for sites, as I was standing in line I noticed in the pamphlet I had picked up the rules. RULE 6: Do not hang ropes, clotheslines, lanterns in or on trees. Use poles provided. Yep you guessed it the ranger said no hammock in the trees. WOW!!!! Another hour wasted L well it looked like a hotel was in my near future, so I headed to Navarre Beach to get a room, just one problem with this plan, there are no hotels on hwy 98 in Navarre beach, I had almost given up hope when I saw the Best Western hotel.

So I pulled in and went inside to check in: this proved to be my biggest adventure of the day. Let me set the stage for you, I walk in, in full biker gear, boots, jeans, jacket, helmet and goggles in hand, sunburn face (now remember it around 90 degrees out side) when I walk up to the desk there is a young guy checking in wearing shorts and a tank top, the girl behind the desk HOT CHICK!!!! Wearing shorts, low cut belly shirt, you know the type weights in around 100 lb with about forty pounds in boobs….all I can say it’s a very good thing she is good looking, not much going on upstairs…if anything. Ok here is what happen…I check in and she gives me the key cards room 223 second floor (oh yea first I had to sign a release saying I had no pets with me, I could not resist, I told her I had my pet in my saddle bag on my bike…Here’s Your Sign) So I decided to go check out my room before I unloaded my bike (thank god) well the first problem was the stairs was on the side of the building, when I get to the stairs there were two cute well dressed Mexican women walking down the stairs, so I wait for the to get down the stairs before I go up (remember I in full biker gear) I get to my room and try the key, no luck, the door will not unlock so I try both keys about a million times no luck, so back down the stairs I go, this time coming up the stairs are the same to ladies I had seen before , this time we spoke as we passed. So I went back to the desk and the HOT CHICK said oh let me scan the key again (no I’m sorry are anything) so back up the stairs I go, and guess who is coming down the stairs again, yep the two ladies. Well I get to my door again, the key does not work again, so back down the stairs I go again, and I know this is hard to believe, but the ladies are coming back up again. So I tell the HOT CHICK it did not work again, she stands there for a minute and says oh I forgot to punch the code in, she was to busy, so she does and off to the room I go again. Yep you guessed it the two ladies are coming down the stairs again (now I starting to think their stalking me) so I get back to my room………and the F@#ning key does not work again. Check out my best of YouTube clips of all times on the left side of my site “planes trains and automobiles: f@#k” if you want to see how I was feeling….ha-ha. So back down the stairs I go, and who is coming up the stairs the two ladies and the HOT CHICK, so I tell her in passing that the key still does not work, and what response do I get “neither does these ladies just go wait in the lobby and I be right with you” well a few minutes later HOT CHICK shows back up, this time she goes back up the stairs with me to prove that I have no idea how to work the key, and to her amazement the key still does not work. So back down the stairs we go, and then she asked me if I would like another room. It took everything I had in me not to say….NO I’ll just sleep outside the door… “Here’s your sign”. So back up the stairs I go again (with the new room key 224 in hand), I think a tear came to my eye when I felt the door open, by now it around 7:00 pm, so I unpacked my bike, took a shower after running across the street to get something to eat. Then jumped into bed picked up the TV remote, ready to watch a little TV before time for bed. THEN IT HAPPENS!!!!!!!!! The remote does not work!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!

What a night….time for bed….in the morning… Panama City Beach!!!!

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