Sunday, October 19, 2008


Yep its that time of the year again…home coming week…this can only mean one thing…toilet paper, toilet paper, toilet paper and more toilet paper, lots more!!! Ok we live in a small town and the big thing to do around here is to roll houses on home coming week, here is the funny part to me, the kids tend to roll their friends, cheerleaders, and school maids. Here is the problem…my daughter has many, many friends is a cheerleader and elected junior maid at school this year.

That’s pretty much like having a death sentence on your yard…odds are about 100 percent that my yard is going to get rolled. The way I see it is I have three options: (1) stay up 7 days straight, hide in the bushes and bash the little deviant thugs , with baseball bats with spikes (2) land mines (I actually considered this) and last (3) just let them do it a clean it up in the morning. Yea I went with # 3, even though # 2 sounded good to me. Ha-ha.

Tuesday October 14, the attack began, that night I was feeling bad (my tooth) so I went to bed early, the invaders hit around 11 pm, my wife was in my sons (Myles) bedroom and heard the intruders but for some reason let them carry out their mission. (It’s either now are later) after the deed was done the attacker’s hit on the windows and ran away into the night, so my wife and son went to the front door to check out the damage and found the front door tied to the porch so they could not open it, after a few pulls it came open.

I forgot to mention that a lot of the cheerleader had spent the night at our house that night, and were still out helping the elderly, saving the world….not rolling houses, I’m sure….some things a daddy just don’t need to know. Ha-ha.


The girls came home late, to toilet paper hanging in the trees, on the house, the cars, and yellow construction tape all around the yard.

If only the attacker would have left some kind of clue…..hmmmm then maybe we could have figured out who it was. It’s not like they would have had to write it on the ground in shaving cream, me having the giant brain that I do, would have picked up on even the most microscopic clue. Well there is always next year; I may even try out the land mines.

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