Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Home coming parade!!! Friday, October 17, 2008

Well we made it through the toilet paper massacre, now it is time for the home coming parade. I got off work around 4:00pm rushed home to get ready, my baby girl Allison was working hard getting ready for her ride, as I mention before she was elected junior maid. My wife had made arrangements to use a co-workers convertible Toyota (convertibles are hard to come by in a small town), the plan was to meet the husband at the start of the parade, but we were running late as usual, so with minutes to spare we dropped off our daughter, with a total stranger and told her to have fun while we raced to Auto Zone to get a good spot to watch the parade (we’re such good parents…ha-ha) we sat around waiting around on the first float, around 6:00pm I heard it coming

, kids and grown ups too started running around chasing penny candy and cheap beads, its amazing what people will do for one cent candy, sometimes I just want to pull out a dollar and say have a ball. There was a big turn out, the one thing about a small town is they support their kids, besides they were throwing one cent candy by the handfuls...ha-ha.

The parade went off without a hitch, my baby girl was the star of the show (ok, I’m sure other parents with kids in the parade would disagree, but it my site… so there!!!)

and she could not have looked more beautiful (I was proved wrong the next night…wow!!!!) the parade was only about 40 minutes long, the junior float rocked,

it was later picked best of the show. It beat out the seniors float; as a matter of fact the freshman class came in second, looked like the seniors just did not put in the time on it. Once it was over we packed up and went to pick up my daughter at the end,

just another day in the life of the Mooney family.

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