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DIABETES AND ME...July 17, 2008…time to make a big change!!!

July 17, 2008…time to make a big change!!!

Well I guess you can tell by the title I have diabetes, lucky it turned out to be type 2, and not type 1, no insulin for me, as you can see from the cartoon above I HATE needles!!! I have to admit I was kind of relieved once I found out what was wrong with me, at least now I know what to do to fight this disease, and so for I have to say I’m doing very well.

I started feeling sick almost a year ago, but had no idea what it was, I just though I was out of shape and lack of exercise. It all started on a hiking trip in Arkansas and became very ill and had to abandon the hike, truth is I though I had a small stroke. But I made it out alive thanks to my buddy Matt Roland (if you want to read more about what happen on the hike here is a link http://www.trailjournals.com/GYMONR5/ ) below is a paragraph I copied from the conclusion of the hike, it tell how I found out what I had.

Here’s how I found out what was really wrong. About two months ago I got fed up with being out of shape, my body weight was up to 310 lb and I was feeling like dog po-po. So I decided to start lifting weights again, so I went out and bought a LOT of supplements (supplements I had used before back when I was in shape) and started taking them (around 40 pills a day split up six times a day) and started hitting the gym every morning. A couple of days went by then I just started to run out of energy, five minutes into my workout my body would just seem to shut down, kind of like the hiking trip but not as bad. A few more days went by and I started to have to pee about six are seven times a night, then I would wake up and my mouth would be so dry that it hurt. TIME TO SEE THE DOCTOR!!!!! Well you may have guessed it I was told I had class two diabetes, and had had it for a long time. Come to find out it had been going on so long that I had caused slight damage to a lot of my organs. So come to find out that the supplements I was taking almost killed me, but on the other hand they had saved my life…it just depends on how you look at it. What had happen my blood sugar had been off the chart for years (I had no idea) so when I started taking the supplement six times a day, it was like throwing gas on a fire (come to find out the supplement I was taking had a lot of sugar in them) so every time I took them I was adding sugar to a already bad diet, then my blood sugar skyrocketed to the moon, doctor told me I was about a week from going into a coma.

Since the doctor visit above, I have improved my diet about a 100 percent, no more fried foods, all baked are grilled, and I mainly live on vegetables, chicken, fish, and nuts NO SUGAR. It took awhile but now I’m starting to feel great again. I went to the doctor 7/17/2008 and weighed in at 310 lbs its now 9/09/2008 and I weighed this morning at 270 lbs, that’s right, its 40 lbs gone. My plan is to drop all the way down to 225 lbs that will be very, very light for me. The doctor started me off on three pills a day the first two were for my diabetes and one was for my triglycerides (also off the charts high) after two weeks went by (second check-up) he took me off one of the diabetes pills, one down two to go. I go back for more blood work in mid October, and I hope to soon be off all of the pills, as for now I have it under control my blood work never goes over 120 (I test myself three fingers pricking times a day…ouch!!!)And averages around 90 (just as a note 70-120 is normal) I’ll update this after the doctors appointment in October.

I’m just trying to get the word out to friends and family that may not have heard yet, but anyone feel free to email me, if you have any questions, I no expert (for from it) but I’d be happy to tell you what meds I’m taking and about my diet.

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