Wednesday, September 10, 2008

News Flash!!!

News flash!!!

Lance Armstrong will compete again in Tour de France

Lance Armstrong is getting back on his bike, determined to win an eighth Tour de France.
Armstrong's return from cancer to win the Tour a record seven consecutive times made him a hero to cancer patients worldwide and elevated cycling to an unprecedented level in America.
Armstrong, 36, told Vanity Fair in an exclusive interview posted on its Web site Tuesday that he was inspired to return after finishing second last month in the Leadville 100, a lung-searing 100-mile mountain-bike race through the Rocky Mountains.

Breaking new!!!

Lance inspires local rider to come out of retirement…THAT’S IT YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!!!! Matt (the hammer) Roland announced this morning at a local press conference (downtown Hattiesburg AT&T office) that he was coming out of retirement and planed to race in the Tour de France 2009. Reporters from Vanity Fair wanted to know WHY, WHY NOW!! Wait now that I thinking about it, Vanity Fair could not make it, so we had to stick to questions from the local news paper Hattiesburg American….auuu?? What the heck…..i forgot they could not come either… hmmmm, come to think of it, it was just a co-worker Eric and myself that heard the breaking news. Oh well, I guess it was us that asked the questions that everyone was wanted to know; exactly what races had you won in the past, that you were coming out of retirement from. The Hammer’s answer and I quote “I won the……you know the bike race, oh yea I entered the….. Hmmm and then there was the one I went down a really big hill, very, very fast. I had a tricycle once and could beat every kid on the block; my title was stripped after the judges found out I was 22 years old at the time (just a young pup), I was in my prime, I’m tell you, it was rigged no where in the rule book did it say you have to be 6 years old, so I know in my heart I’m still a champion, my mom tells me so every night before she tucks me into bed, that makes my wife sooooo jealous.”

Strong words from the Hammer, Eric and I wish him well in 2009, and hope to get his autograph soon, before his sure victory at the Tour.

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