Monday, September 15, 2008


THE NEW GUEST BOOK IS HERE! THE NEW GUEST BOOK IS HERE!! THE NEW GUEST BOOK IS HERE!!! I’m somebody now!!! (All I can say if you have not seen the movie “The Jerk” staring Steve Martin, I’m sure my attempt at humor above went right over your head.) I’ll try to post a link to the “the new phone book is here” clip tonight to my BEST OF YOUTUBE CLIPS, I added this morning (look on the left hand side of the blog) I’ve already posted two are three clips..With many more to come.

Now back to the GUEST BOOK, SIGN IT!!!! Let me know what you want to see and I’ll try to add it to my blog. One of you lucky people out there will be the first to sign, as of now, no one has signed..sniff….sniff. Come on, it only take a second to sign…well unless you type like be, then a few words could take hours…ha-ha. I only laugh because it’s true.

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