Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jandy Imports Motorcycle Leather

Ok everyone if you read my last post
You know there is something good coming in this one...

Let me give you a little back ground first, I’ve been looking for a leather jacket since the day I bought my bike almost 3 years ago…well its not like I have not tried to get one but at 6’5” its harder than you think to find one that fits right. I live in a small town

that only had one motorcycle leather shop that I know of anyway, Dixie leather. I stopped in one day to look around; there were a couple of Harleys, a Honda, and then my Yamaha in the parking lot. As I was walking to the door this old bearded man (owner) walked to the front door and pointed at the bikes and said “I like that bike” (Harley) skipping the Honda then pointing at the other Harley and then saying “I like that bike” then walked inside. Hmmm, we all have our favorite bikes but I find it a poor business move to insult your customer before they even get into the door…well with that said, I found the jacket of my dreams inside, but had to pass due to the owner had…well, pissed me off. (Note: his leather shop is now closed) Karma is a Bitch.


My next try at a jacket came when my wife and J & P cycles online catalog,
she was going to surprise me with it for Christmas, well the jacket came in and I loved it but it was to small, so she sent it back and got the next size, still did not fit in the arms. Once again she sent it back, this time it fit like a glove but it happened to be a factory defect and half of the inner jacket liner had not been sewn in at all. You guess it, she sent it back again, to get a new one the same size. You want believe this, instead of a jacket in the mail my account was refunded, J & P cycle thought we were now just wanting our money back, I guess three strikes you out.

Ha-ha. We started to re-order but my now the weather was starting to get warm,

so we decided to wait till next winter.

Then came my trip to Slidell, LA last weekend…after a disappointing meal at LA Pines Café, we rode our bikes the 4 miles to Jandy Imports,  JANDY IMPORTS , to look for a jacket, we loaded the address into our iphone, the iphone lead us to the wrong place for some reason it took us to 3199 E Terrace Ave NOT 3199 TERRACE ave, once there we realized we were at the wrong place, no biggie we were only one road over. We made the block and there it was, it was hard to miss due to all the motorcycles out front.

At first site I was a little surprise at the size of the place, kind of small. Well small until you walk in…
There were three ladies running the place and let me tell you…it was run like a business should be run, I was amazed. The second, and I mean the second you walked in the door you were greeted and offered a drink

(no, no not that kind of drink) the ladies keep a bucket iced down, full of soft drinks and water,

free for the taking just for shopping with them. (Nice touch ladies) we did not even take one but I appreciate the thought.

It was standing room only; the place is loaded with...

leather jackets,




biker jewelry

and biker patches with a sewing station to put them on…

I have got to say they have one thing that stood out from everything else…SERVICE!!!

I don’t know how the ladies did it; they were everywhere offering help, answering questions and let’s not forget screaming out every few minutes that there were free drinks at the door.

If they are not the owners, the owners are not paying the ladies enough, they are workers.

Ok now on to my jacket, after looking around a bit, I found a jacket that fit but it had a belt attached around the waist, I considered it but then I saw it…the clouds parted and a beam of light shined down on it.

I put it on and it fit great in the arms,

a little big in the waist, it has side belts that adjust the waist, I moved the belts on the sides to their tightest hole, still a little big…here is where that service thing comes in again…one of the ladies told me to give her the jacket and she would add some more snaps in it,

while I wait and get this…FREE OF CHARGE!!! That is what I call service.

David ended up buying a set of…Hmm not sure what they are called,

they are straps that hold your pants leg down while ridding,

they worked great on the ride home.

Once we paid for our stuff, I used the restroom before the ride home, and just like the rest of the place it was spotless, why bring up the restroom you ask? I got tickled while reading the sign over the commode.

The whole time thinking, these ladies would…service, service!!!

In closing,, I would like to say thank you ladies, it is very rare these days to walk in to a new place and feel right at home…as my buddy Arnold would say…I’LL BE BACK!!!

Great job!!!

Till next time

Big Al


Pinky said...

Well, I may just have to ride over there and check it out. You know, I'm always up for a road trip.

Webster World said...

At 6'5" I'll bet it's harder to find stuff than the 5'7" I am. The picture of Rosie the riviter. That lady was real. She just past away.

british said...


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GYMONR said...

Pinky, yea take a ride by great group of girls there, hey I notice you took a road trip to Maine, I have a motorcycle trip planed there in June.

Webster, finding stuff that 6’5” is always an adventure. Ha-ha.

British, just checked out your site, I need to look into the subzero you carry

Anonymous said...

I have always been a patron of Jandy Imports and as you stated about their service, it is ALWAYS GREAT...Sparerib

States I’ve traveled to over the years

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