Friday, February 11, 2011

Boiled eggs

Well you may have read my last post,
my return to the world of bodybuilding (ha-HA) and what goes with bodybuilding…Eggs!!! A great source of protein, I guess since I have been walking around with bags of boiled eggs lately people have been asking how do you boil a perfect egg.

I found an article years ago on how to boil a perfect egg and what do you know, it works great and is very easy to do.

First; this works on any amount of eggs at a time as long as you have a big enough pot and water.

Second; just put your raw eggs into a pot and fill with water just covering the eggs.

Third; put the pot on the stove turn the stove on high and bring the water to a rapid boil, uncovered.

Fourth; soon as the water boils cover the pot with a lid and cut off the stove.

Fifth; let the eggs sit covered for 12 minutes.

Sixth; carefully pour the hot water out replacing it with cold water from the tap.

Seventh; give the eggs a few minutes to cool down. That’s it your done, peal and eat.

Hope this helps you “BOIL THE PERFECT EGG”!

Big Al


Ney said...

nice post !!!!

Baron's Life said...

Hey Thanks I am going to try this method of boiling eggs today. Usually I just stuck them in the pot and let the water boils for 10 minutes...but I always have trouble with peeling the eggs after..I am hoping you gave me the perfect method watch out for the cholesterol

Webster World said...

I must have read that too. I,ve been doing it that way for some time.

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