Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back at the gym again…that’s a good thing RIGHT?

Got to be honest, was trying to go to the gym after work everyday but that just did not work out very well for me. First the gym is so over crowded at night, my buddy that I was lifting with, well we just could not get our schedules together…so I did the only thing I could do, and I started going back to the gym in the morning. Now I feel at home again while at the gym, I’ve always lifted in the morning, not sure what I was thinking trying to lift in the afternoon.

Now I got a new problem, I tend to get carried away with my lifestyle while lifting…I guess I start becoming one tracked, I don’t see this trend in most of my lifting buddies. Their goals are usually just to tone up or tighten up a little and maybe drop a few pounds. I start with the same thought in mind, but it quickly turns into something else…the quest to get big, really BIG!!! I read a few articles about a bodybuilding disorder “Muscle Dysmorphia”.

Muscle Dysmorphiaa

Check it out when you get the time, it was described as a reverse anorexia…I got to say that sounds about right. Its crazy I know, but after only a few good gym days and a body weight of 294 lbs all I can think about is getting bigger. I find myself searching the bodybuilding magazines for new products;

I even started hitting up my friends that do lift for samples of products they are taking.

I’m getting hooked back on the high protein shakes sold at the gym,

due to I don’t want to wait the 15 minutes it takes me to drive home to eat after a workout.

I join one80 fitness

for two reasons; one the price 10 bucks a month and two it’s more of a fitness center, a gym for the average guy or girl just wanting to tone and tighten. It’s a huge place, mainly cardio treadmills, steppers, bikes weight machines and a few free weights. The dumbbells only go up to the 80 ponders,

 grunting and screaming

is out of the question here. Don’t get me wrong this is one fine place…well if you want to be fit and average. That is exactly what I thought I wanted…Wrong!!! The quest for BIG lives strong in this old man of 47

just can’t get it out of my mind. Hmmm, maybe one more time.

Till next time

Big Al


Ney said...

hey man! I love your points of views and you know what... You are right!

Muscle Building said...

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