Sunday, February 20, 2011

Daytona 2011 bike week, March 4-13

Well if you have been reading my blog you already know that I have a ten day motorcycle trip to Maine

planned in June. But what most of you don’t know, I will be teaming up with my buddy Dave in a couple of weeks heading to Daytona

 Beach Florida for  BIKE WEEK . Why bike week, you ask? Truth is, this is going to be a long ride test trip for Maine. Let me explain…

The round trip to Maine is somewhere around 3000 miles; that’s a lot of riding in ten days

if you want to have time to look around a little (as I plan to). Well we have thought of a couple of options, one- ship our bikes to Maine and have ten days to look around and work our way back home around 1500 miles. Option Two would be to ride the round trip putting in a few longgggggg day rides to cut down on the total mileage. (More time to look around) well that is where the trip to Daytona comes in; it’s about 600 miles one way from my house. The plan is to get up early Saturday morning around 4 or 5am and try to knock out the entire 600 miles in one day,

spend two days there and then a one day ride back. I guess my thinking is if we can ride 600 miles in one day, the 3000 mile trip to Maine should be no problem. I also have to admit, I want to check out the bike rally.  It’s been around twenty years since my last trip to Daytona…Damn I’m getting old. Ha-ha.

Just as a side note you may remember David’s bike

from some of our other rides, it's a 2008 Harley cop bike with the air ride seat. He just ordered a backrest for the seat and cruise control for it, both should be here in the next couple of days. Hope to do a report on both of them soon.

Till next time,

Big Al


MeanDonnaJean said...

Good luck with that, Gramps ;-)

Oh, and I've gotta extra walker here, just in case ya need it when ya get back :-)

BigDave said...

Haha! Gramps!

I'm not sure if all the parts for the cruise will be here in time. The earliest the back rest will ship is Feb 28. So I'm *hoping* it will be here early enough to install...

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