Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Motorcycle parts additions, while I was gone.

Here is a list of things I added to my 2008 YAMAHA V-STAR 1100, well you may remember the first thing I added awhile back engine guard and foot pegs

then the cobra pipes back in March of this year.
I guess after that came a new rear tire, then a front tire and a set of front brake pads, rear still ok…I never use them. Ha-ha. Then I added a luggage rack

and bought a large TourMaster Bag with rain cover.

Never had a need for a piece of luggage before, I had all ways just strapped my gear to the rear seat.

My son recently decided to take a long motorcycle trip with me, so I could not use the rear seat for our bags, unless I strapped my boy on top (it was considered), well you get the point. Ha-ha.

Only have great things to say about the TourMaster Bag, I went with the large, it straps tight around the sissy bar and on top of the new luggage rack…that sucker did not move and inch…I must say I think the large (comes in small, medium and large) is a little over kill for a single rider…it held all of my son and my gear easy with room to spare. I would highly recommend this bag, I’ll give another report on it after my trip to Maine…coming soon!
Big Al

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biker baby said...

Looks like your son is ready for his own bike. When my step son graduated, Rich bought his first Harly and gave his son his Yamaha 1100. Two days later we took off on a bike trip to Canada. Rick is 30 now, and still has that Yamaha.

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