Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Quest for the Golden Monkey

Rumors started to fill the town of Hattiesburg sometime in early March…year 2010, about a sighting of the Golden Monkey. I had heard stories of the monkey, but had not actually talked to anyone who had seen one in person…this is where my quest begins…
Early March a traveler came from the land of Florida

to our office to do some contract work for the company. He told great stories of how at one time he owned many Monkeys; he even said he had parted with the monkey.

It took many months of stories before the office thought there might be a glimmer of truth to the stories. After a while the traveler, Roy
(baby grizzly as I call him)
became a trusted friend and his stories became more believable, he began even showing us web sites on where the Monkey might be hiding…

It appears the monkey started its life in Georgia but has now spread into Florida. This is where the plot thickens…on a visit home to Florida, Roy singlehanded captured 6 monkeys

at one time and managed to get them back to Hattiesburg in one piece. Roy told us stories of the good time he had with the monkeys while they were down to visit. Jealousy
ran wild through the office as Roy, our once trusted friend, would not share the monkeys; it was like they had cast a spell over him.

He seemed to walk around in a haze when the monkeys were in town.
This went on for months and months, Roy making trips to Florida capturing monkeys in larger and larger amounts. Until one day David, Myles and I went on a kind of quest to find the golden monkey after many attempts in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. We felled at everyone. People looked at us like we were crazy when we asked for the monkey, no such creature exists, we were told. Then it happened a co-worker named Paul,
went home to Georgia and came back with great news…he had spotted the golden monkey but was unable to capture one.
With this information, Roy became aware that his secret
was out and offered to bring 6 monkeys to work with him the next day, three for David and three for me…

All hale the GOLDEN MONKEY…

I rushed home that night to put the monkey on ice as it was taco night at the compound and a cold monkey beer would go down so well (don’t act like you knew I was talking about beer all this time, admit it I had you going. Ha-ha)
The little wife came home and I showed her my stash (mistake) being the good husband I offered her the first taste, little did I know instead of going for the taste in the glass I poured she took the bottle and down it went in two gulps…I walked into the den to get something (second mistake) and came back to find her downing the second monkey…DAMN!!! From this day on, my wife will be known as the monkey slayer.

Well after all that at least I have one golden monkey beer to enjoy tonight all by myself.


“the alarm clock sounds”, I wake up in a cold sweat…it was just a dream…NO GOLDEN MONKEY BEER FOR ME.
As I’m getting out of bed I feel something sticking me in my side, what could it be…

It was just a dream...RIGHT? Hmmm...OR WAS IT?
Big Al


biker baby said...

Fun story...MORE...MORE...MORE!!!

Lady Ridesalot said...

You had me going for a minute too. Very creative way of letting us know about some great beer! I'll have to be on the lookout for my own Golden Monkey!

Thanks for sharing!

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Love it great story Thank for the link.

Juan said...

" El Chango Dorado"

States I’ve traveled to over the years

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